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Red Sox Field the Game


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Staff member
I picked up a 2001 Fleer Red Sox Field the Game card that has an authentic piece of the outfield wall from Fenway. It books 30.00 (I think). If anybody is interested let me know and we will work something out. Would prefer some Topps base set SP's but I am open to anything and will gladly look at lists.




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Terry & Bryon, I know Terry has some cards that I like, I know I have some of the SPs that Bryon needs, maybe we can work a 3 way deal. Let me know if you guys can't work something out, and I would be more than happy to get involved. Thanks, Tony.

Polar Bear 67

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Topps Hert all kinds up to 15 year I stopped building sets totally.
My Wifes Cancer drugs stopped me buying and I quit building but I have a lot up to 15 avaible.


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I could use that one, got a few base and heritage SP's available...could probably hit something from you want lists as well...
2001 Topps Heritage #363 Derek Lowe SP $5.00
2002 Topps Heritage #387 Juan Pena SP $5.00
2002 Topps Heritage #397 Nomar Garciaparra SP $12.00
2002 Topps Heritage #409 Eric Glaser SP RC $5.00
2002 Topps Heritage #415 Carl Everett SP $5.00
2002 Topps Heritage #417 Tony Fontana SP RC $5.00
2002 Topps Heritage #423 Casey Fossum SP $5.00
2002 Topps Heritage #433 Tim Wakefield SP $5.00
2005 Topps Heritage #50B Jim Thome Fldg SP $8.00
2009 Topps #240b Mel Ott SP $20.00
2009 Topps Update #UH253b Reggie Jackson CAL SP $12.00
2010 Topps Update #US15B Willie McCovey VAR SP $15.00
2010 Topps Update #US200B St. Louis Browns VAR SP $15.00
2010 Topps Update #US214B Dave Winfield VAR SP $15.00
2010 Topps Update #US25B Philadelphia Athletics VAR SP $15.00
2010 Topps Update #US320B Washington Senators VAR SP $15.00
2010 Topps Update #US330C Johnny Bench VAR SP $15.00
2012 Topps #450A Justin Upton VAR SP/Celebrating with fans $12.00
2012 Topps #470A Howie Kendrick VAR SP/In dugout $12.00
2012 Topps Heritage #447 Jose Iglesias SP $6.00
2012 Topps Update #US271B Ryan Braun/With teammates SP $6.00
2013 Topps Heritage #496 Clay Buchholz SP $5.00
2013 Topps Update #US285B David Ortiz SP/Group photo $12.00
2014 Topps Update #US117C John Lackey SP/SABRmetrics $5.00
2015 Topps Heritage #480A David Ortiz SP $6.00
2015 Topps Heritage #712B Blake Swihart Action SP $6.00
2015 Topps Update #US127B Eduardo Rodriguez SP VAR/High-five $3.00
2015 Topps Update #US135B Jason Heyward SP VAR/Laughing $4.00
2015 Topps Update #US151B Colby Lewis SP VAR/Rubbing ball $3.00
2015 Topps Update #US161B Jeff Samardzija SP VAR/In dugout $3.00
2015 Topps Update #US190B Shelby Miller SP VAR/Black jersey $4.00
2015 Topps Update #US260B Andrew Miller SP VAR/In dugout $4.00
2015 Topps Update #US324B Carlos Rodon SP VAR/Wearing jacket $4.00
2015 Topps Update #US325B Matt Kemp SP VAR/In dugout $4.00
2015 Topps Update #US337B Martin Prado SP VAR/With fans $3.00
2015 Topps Update #US92B Justin Upton SP VAR/With bats $4.00
2017 Topps Heritage #406A Yoenis Cespedes SP $5.00
2017 Topps Heritage #408A Felix Hernandez SP $4.00
2017 Topps Update #US18B Mookie Betts SP/horizontal $4.00
2017 Topps Update #US225B Andrew Benintendi SP/red pullover $6.00
2017 Topps Update #US260B Carlos Correa SP/blue jersey $3.00
2017 Topps Update #US27B Nolan Arenado SP/orange jersey $2.50