REDEEMED 2022 Donruss Break of 1 Hobby Box, 1 Mega Box & 1 Blaster 3 Autos & 1 Relic plus usual Bonus cards

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Not overly pleased

Not overly pleased with the outcome but life is full of disappointment and I typically just take it on the jaw and move on.
I understand, wasn't pleased myself. But, during the break you were in before this, I think I went a little above and beyond.
Thanks Bob for all the breaks you do for us. I wasn't happy either but it is what it is and we move on. On to the next break.

Have a great trading day all
Hi Guys
Basically, I did the best I could to get everything out and in the mail, because I am leaving tomorrow morning to visit my daughter in St Louis. So, because of the time constraint, I separated everything in to teams after the break, and stayed up last night to get the last of them (crazy) in the mail.
So, yes I did break an extra box of 2021 Topps Big Leagues. I did have two people watching the break live, and if you watch, I tried to get one of them to pick between that, 2021 Stadium Club and 2021 Archives. Neither said anything, so because I'd opened the other two, I picked the Big Leagues. And, yes it all out of pocket, but, on the Prizm break I made sure that everyone who had enter got an autograph, whether they won one or not. How many breakers do that?
So, again I apologize to those who got screwed with me and, next time, will return cards to the store. But, I think I will limit break blaster to just what I can get online.
If you got something free you think was above and beyond, please list it in the received free transaction.
Decided to wait until I get back, before starting the next break.
Bob Belenzon
Bob, just saw this. I was watching in full screen and didn't see any of the comments. Butch
Hi Back home late this Tuesday. Vacation was not pleasant😞😡😵
Wife had comeback first to help my daughter, finish some jobs she started back in Sept, when she moved to STL. Back her two days and accidentally caused her to break her hand. So jobs aren't getting finished. Shell have to come back when healed.
Will have a break up early Wednesday. Probably be four blaster of 2022 Bowman and 1 blaster 2021 Bowman.
Hi Guys
Bought a Mega from Target online and plan to break it tomorrow after work. The base cards and Holo pinks will go back to Target and will send out the inserts and parallels and Pink fireworks, to you guys in the break. Hopefully, you will join the Diamond King break, so I can save on shipping. 😃
Aiming for 1915 tomorrow PDT
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