Redmeption cards???

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Jan 29, 2010
Lawrenceville, Ga.
Yesterday I went to the local card shop bought a box of 06 baseball cards. (not going to mention the sponsor) I got a redemption card. I know the date on the card to redeem says 07/27/07. This brings up a point. Since a lot of the sport card wholesalers also mom and pop card stores don't sell there product right away for what ever reason. What happens to those cards which are not redeemed? There has to be a poop load of them. And if the manufacturer realizes this, then why do they not flow with the way of the industry they fuel? You know every kid has this dream of pulling a card wroth a lot of money. These redemption cards may just be that.

But it also seems to be a real downer only because the expiration date has passed. It leaves the hopeful collectors with a feeling of lose. Whom out there doesn't think this should change for the better of our hobby? I mean how much space could these unredeemed cards take? One large filing cabinet maybe? Here is a easy fix or at least what seems a easy fix. If at the time a collector pulls a redemption card. Why not give the date a several year at the least. Again how much space can these cards take?
Thank you
I went to there website and entered the redemption number. It said this number is expired sorry. What happened to the card?????
That is what I would like to know.
Thanks for the reply.