Refractors, anyone?

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Nov 5, 2010
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Santa Cruz, California
I have these REFRACTORS f/t....


2005 Chrome FY #261 S.Bondurant Xfract. 223/225 RC -A’s

2005 Chrome FY #323 D.Thompson Xfract. 093/225 RC -Nat’ls

2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Future’s Game FG23 refractor Stephen Drew -Dbacks

2007 Bowman Chrome refractor BDPP70 Emiliano Fruto -Nat'ls

2007 Bowman Chrome Xfractor BC208 Brett Campbell 177/250 -Nat'ls

2007 Bowman Chrome refractor #32 Mark Loretta -Astros

2008 1st Bowman Chrome refractor BDPP36 Isaac Galloway -Marlins

2008 Bowman Chrome refractor BCP31 Kyle Mura 544/599 -Cardinals

2008 Bowman Chrome refractor #28 Kevin Millwood -Rangers

2010 BOWMAN Chrome refractor BDP8 Ike Davis RC

2010 BOWMAN Chrome refractor #179 Jeremy Hellickson -Rays RC

2010 Bowman Platinum Prospects Refractor Thick Stock #PP3 J. Hellickson 294/999

2010 Bowman Plat. Prospects refractor thick stock -PP20 167/999 Kyle Gibson -Twins

2011 Bowman Chrome refractor BDPP57 Kevin Matthews -Rangers

2011 BOWMAN Platinum refractor BPP73 Julio Teheran

2012 BOWMAN Chrome #49 green refractor Zack Wheeler RC

2012 BOWMAN CHROME DRAFTS PICKS -1st BCP117 Shawon Dunston Jr. -Cubs

2012 BOWMAN CHROME DRAFTS PICKS -1st BCP117 green refractor Shawon Dunston Jr.

2012 BOWMAN CHROME DRAFTS PICKS -1st BCP198 green refractor Bobby Bundy -Orioles

2012 1st BOWMAN Chrome BCP117 purple refractor 53/199 Shawon Dunston Jr.

2012 Bowman Platinum Prospects Purple Refractor BPP51 Oscar Taveras

2012 Bowman Chrome Xfractor #185 WEI-YIN CHEN RC

2013 Bowman Chrome #134 refractor D. BUNDY RC

2013 Bowman Chrome refractor #188 Tyler Skaggs RC

2013 Bowman Platinum Chrome Prospect Purple Refractor -BPCP1 Oscar Taveras

2013 Bowman Platinum Chrome Prospects refractor BPCP49 YASIEL PUIG

2014 1st Bowman Chrome Refractor BCP5 323/500 -MARK APPEL

2014 1st Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects CDP18 blue wave refractor -Grant Holmes

2014 Bowman Chrome Top Prosp. refractor CTP-74 Trevor Story

2014 Bowman Platinum refractor BPP63 CHRIS TAYLOR

2014 BOWMAN Platinum purple refractor BPCP59 M.Ynoa

2014 Bowman Chrome Prospect blue refractor BCP75 C.Heston 242/250 -Giants

2015 Bowman Chrome Prospect cert.AUTO BCAP-TBL refractor 108/499 Ty Blach -Giants

2015 Bowman Chrome Refractor #100 Buster Posey (498/499)

2016 Bowman Chrome purple refractor 181/250 #15 SEUNG HWAN OH RC

2016 Bowman Chrome Top 100 orange refractor 19/25 BTP-56 Franklin Barreto -A's

2018 Bowman’s Best PP-TC Power Producers refractor -Triston Casas

2018 BOWMAN Chrome Trending Hashtag #-BB Bo Bichette -B.Jays

2018 BOWMAN Chrome Talent Pipeline refractor TP-COL Brendan Rogers -Rockies

2018 Bowman Chrome refractor #55 Matt Olson 174/499 -A's

2018 Bowman Sterling #BS-EJ refractor ELOY JIMENEZ

2019 BOWMAN Best #47 atomic refractor Walker Buehler

2019 Bowman Chrome refractor ROY Favorites ROYF-10 Christin Stewart -Tigers

2019 Bowman Chrome refractor ROY Favorites ROYF-6 Danny Jansen -B.Jays

2019 1st Bowman Chrome Draft refractor BDC-31 Hunter Bishop

2019 Bowman 30th Anniversay retro '89 refractor B30-CKE -Clayton Kershaw -Dodgers (x2)

2019 Bowman 30th Anniversay retro '89 refractor B30-FL Francisco Lindor

2019 Bowman Chrome 30th Anniv. refractor B30-JB JOEY BART

2019 Bowman 30th Anniversay retro '89 refractor B30-AN Aaron Nola -Phillies

2019 1st Bowman Chrome Prospect BCP-50 mega mojo refractor JOEY BART -Giants

2020 Bowman Chrome refractor Stat Tracker ST-9 Jarren Duran -R.Sox

2021 Bowman Chrome 40 Man Futures refractor FMF-7 Zac Veen -Rockies

MINI 2013 BOWMAN CHROME CREAM of the CROP CC-OA5 Grant Green -A’s refractor

2013 BOWMAN Chrome Cream of the Crop CC-KCR5 Orlando Calixte refractor -Royals


2020 Stadium Club Chrome refractor #104 Juan Soto -Nats

2021 Chrome wave refractor #85 –Justin Verlander –Astros


2007 Topps Chrome #148 Chris Young -Padres

2007 Topps Chrome Xfractor #64 Gary Sheffield -Tigers

2009 Topps Chrome refractor CHR45 Craig Stammen RC -Nats

2009 Chrome Xfractor #43 -Ian Stewart -Rockies

2009 Chrome Xfractor #93 -Chris Young -DBacks

2010 TOPPS CHROME Xfractor #181 Tyler Colvin -Cubs

2010 Topps Chrome Refractor #176 MIKE LEAKE -Reds

2010 TOPPS Chrome Purple Refractor #196 Kevin Russo 095/599 SP

2010 Topps Refractor bonus card insert -BC-2 Starlin Castro/Cubs

2011 TOPPS CHROME refractor #220 Aaron Crow RC

2012 Chrome refractor #117 Ryan Braun -Brewers

2012 TOPPS CHROME purple refractor #6 Jon Lester -R.Sox

2012 TOPPS CHROME purple refractor #58 Shaun Marcum -Brewers

2012 TOPPS CHROME purple refractor #85 Carlos Gonzalez

2012 TOPPS CHROME purple refractor #99 Jemile Weeks -A's

2012 TOPPS CHROME refractor #117 Ryan Braun -Brewers

2012 TOPPS Chrome XFractor #12 J.Heyward

2012 Chrome Xfractor #169 Tom Milone -A’s

2012 TOPPS Chrome DYNAMIC DIE CUTS Refractor DD-CL Cliff Lee -Phillies

2012 Topps Finest cert. AUTO AR-WP Xfractor ser.#’d 140/299 Willy Peralta -Brewers

2012 TOPPS CHROME Mega box refractor insert -MBC2 W.Mays

2012 TOPPS CHROME Mega box refractor insert -MBC3 Griffey

2012 TOPPS CHROME Mega box refractor insert -MBC1 M.Mantle

2013 Topps Chrome refractor #47 Jake Peavy

2013 Topps Finest Refractor #91 YASIEL PUIG RC

2014 CHROME Orange refractor #197 Julio Teheran RC

2014 TOPPS Chrome purple refractor #92 Matt Den Dekker RC

2014 Topps ’89 Chrome 89TC JA refractor J.Abreu RC

2015 Topps Update Pulsar bubble refractor -US376 Joc Pederson

2016 TOPPS CHROME pink refractor -156 S.Vogt

2016 TOPPS Chrome Update Holiday Mega Box refractor HMT18 Trayce Thompson RC

2016 Topps Chrome RA-KT cert. AUTO refractor /499 KELBY TOMLINSON RC -Giants

2017 Topps Chrome prizm refractor #48 Bryce Harper -Nats

2017 TOPPS Chrome Xfractor #197 Manny Margot RC -Padres

2017 Topps Chrome sepia refractor #12 Carson Fulmer RC

2018 Topps Chrome refractor #61 J.P.Crawford RC

2018 Topps Chrome 83T-2 refractor Amed Rosario RC

2018 Topps Chrome ’83 refractor #83T-8 Victor Robles -Nat’ls

2018 Topps Chrome negative refractor #68 Justin Bour -Marlins

2019 Topps Chrome pink refractor #81 J.Polanco -Twins

2019 TOPPS Heritage Chrome refractor THC-408 Sean Manaea

2020 Topps Chrome prizm refractor #7 Trea Turner

2020 Topps Chrome refractor #59 T.Story -Rockies

2020 Topps Chrome refractor Freshman Flash FF-10 Nico Hoerner -Cubs RC

2020 Topps Heritage Chrome Purple Refractors #THC530 Edwin Rios -Dodgers

2020 Topps Heritage Chrome #THC542 Zack Wheeler /571 -Cards

2020 Topps Heritage Chrome Purple Refractors #THC546 Jaylin Davis -Giants

2020 Topps Chrome Silver Pack Retro ’85 refractor #85TC-25R.Yount -Brewers

2020 Topps Chrome Update sapphire refractor U-268 Mookie Betts -R.Sox

2020 Topps Chrome Update Silver Pack Retro ’85 refractor #CPC-30 -Ron Acuna

2021 TOPPS CHROME refractors
#13 Jon Lester sepia refractor –Cubs #19 Sonny Gray sepia refractor –Reds #24 Ozzie Albies -Braves #70 Jack Flaherty –Cardinals #129 Tyler Glasnow prizm refractor –Rays

2021 TOPPS CHROME ’86 refractors
86C-1 Aaron Judge –Yankees 4 Juan Soto(2) –W.Sox 10 Pete Alonso –Mets 20 Fernando Tatis Jr. -Padres

2021 TOPPS CHROME Beisbol refractors
B-3 Gleyber Torres –Yankees 6 Vladimir Guerrero –B.Jays 11 Yoan Moncada –W.Sox 14 Juan Gonzalez –Rangers

2021 TOPPS CHROME Future Stars
FS-4 Trent Grisham –Padres 9 Sean Murphy –A’s (2) 13 Willi Castro –Tigers 16 Tony Gonsolin –Dodgers

2021 Topps Chrome sapphire refractor #200 Jacob DeGrom -Mets

2021 Topps FINEST #50 gold speckle refractor 36/50 Trevor Story -Rockies

2021 Topps GYPSY QUEEN Chrome #256 gold 6/50 Trevor Story -Rockies


2013 PRIZM red refractor -48 Josh Hamilton -Angels

2013 PRIZM green refractor -110 Andre Ethier -Dodgers

2014 Panini Prizm Draft Picks #3 purple prism 143/149 Kyle Schwarber

2017 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie #43 pink prism refractor A.Bregman RC

2018 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie purple refractor #40 June (Willie) Calhoun -nicknames -Rangers

2019 PANINI PRIZM #88 red var. Dereck Rodriguez -Giants

2019 PANINI PRIZM Numbers Game #NG7 C.Yelich -Brewers

2019 PANINI PRIZM Scorching #S6 Aroldis Chapman -Yankees

2020 DONRUSS Elite E-11 Rapture refractor parallel Matt Chapman

2020 SELECT PREMIER #168 Nick Ahmed green refractor 57/99

2020 PRIZM PREMIER Silver Scope refractor #109 Javier Baez -Cubs

2020 SELECT PRIZM Silver Scope refractor #58 Michael Brantley -Astros

2020 SELECT PRIZM Blue #77 Marcus Stroman 146/149 -Mets

2020 SELECT PRIZM Red #98 Jonathan Gray 48/199 -Rockies

2020 SELECT PRIZM Silver Scope refractor #100 Gio Urshela -Yankees
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hi there! interested in these ones, Are you still seeking RCs that book over 5.00? thanks Bri

2015 Bowman Chrome Refractor #100 Buster Posey (498/499)
1999 Topps Chrome refractor #24 Paul Konerko -Reds
2007 Xfractor #64 Gary Sheffield -Tigers2013 Chrome Xfractor #211 Carlos Beltran -Cardinals
Hey bro..........I could use these two.........

2012 Topps Chrome XFractor #12 Jason Heyward
2012 Topps Chrome Xfractor #169 Tom Milone

Please LMK what you need for them...........Thanks.........Mike
Hi there. Can you check my tradelist link for this one: 2012 TOPPS CHROME Mega box refractor insert -MBC3 Griffey (bv $6)? Thanks.