Remove my "New Trader" tag?

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Big A

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May 7, 2008
I think it's time to remove me trader tag so I can put an Alabama avatar on my name. If someone would look at this and let me know if I qualify.

I understand I have multiple trade with one person, but when I go to completed trades it shows I have 20 different members on there!
Trade ID Trader Date Status
169294 baseball24 02-01-2010 Completed
169149 emmitt 01-31-2010 Completed
154509 Stormville 07-19-2009 Completed
154042 Stevca1125 07-14-2009 Completed
154014 curt everhart 07-14-2009 Completed
146427 sunsports 04-12-2009 Completed
145325 entersandman 03-31-2009 Completed
140730 remster 02-18-2009 Completed
140649 greatdadx2 02-18-2009 Completed
131826 7timecy 12-02-2008 Completed
131607 drpid 11-30-2008 Completed
131367 7timecy 11-28-2008 Completed
131134 adam1bancroft 11-25-2008 Completed
127704 kingsfaninri 10-27-2008 Completed
126462 roro17 10-15-2008 Completed
125978 7timecy 10-11-2008 Completed
122821 7timecy 09-12-2008 Completed
122260 nafsnoil 09-07-2008 Completed
121710 Fatboycards 09-02-2008 Completed
121492 7timecy 09-01-2008 Completed
120589 wentzj 08-24-2008 Completed
120373 tazmocan 08-23-2008 Completed
120192 7timecy 08-21-2008 Completed
117747 jrpeevyhouse 08-01-2008 Completed
116136 garyg21 07-19-2008 Completed
yes but he traded woth that guy 6 times so it hould count once with someone different. that means if you subtract 5 it is exactly 20.
You need to get your ratings up before you can choose your own avatar

Per FAQs...
3) Once a new member has completed their end of at least 20 trades with at least 20 different members, their status will be reviewed. If they have completed their end of the trades without incidents including a 5.0 trader overall rating, they will be promoted to a regular member and be allowed to select their own avatar.
I agree, I have 20 trades with 20 different users. An OVERALL average of 5.0? I'm mean is it really that big of a deal?
I agree, I have 20 trades with 20 different users. An OVERALL average of 5.0? I'm mean is it really that big of a deal?

I know what the reason is. One of your trades was actually a "Free card" transaction, which does not count as a trade. One more actual trade and you should be good to go. The free card deal was with kingsfaninri.
It is if you don't keep trading. Consistancy counts....

For instance. I left you a post on your thread on the 6th of Feb.
and haven't heard back from you. Can't get many trades that way.

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