Removing an autograph

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Apr 8, 2008
Got grizzlies rookie demarre carroll on a numbered rookie gu. Card was too glossy and signed HORRIBLE. Half the auto wiped off like it was on a dry erase board. A guy told me that you can use alcohol to remove the rest of the autograph. I may have another chance to get carroll and i will baby powder the card first, but i wanted to know if anyone has ever removed an auto like this before i try it because it sounds like it would mess the card up to me.

I got a bowman chrome card signed. The result seems to be the same. I decided I was going to try to erase it off. It worked. The are no visible signs of the autograph left. It was a regular eraser, the same brand I use to prep my cards for signatures.
I wouldn't use alcohol on a card. You can use an eraser to take it off. I prefer to use a white eraser over a colored one.
Thanks guys! Used a white eraser and it worked great!.... I'm not a rocket scientist or anything but cardboard and liquid didn't seem like a very smart combination, but the guy told me it works for him. I think i'll stick with the eraser method.

another thing you can do is actually use a dry erase marker, had a few 08 Topps that the player signed both with personalization and someone wanted to trade for one if I would try that for them and it worked pretty good