Retail Mojo?

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Jun 10, 2010
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Bought 3 packs of 2010 Topps A&G from local Wal-Mart
and pulled this David Wright:

Checked online and thier seeded 1 per hobby case. Wonder what the
retail odds are? No plans on keeping it, but not sure of the bv. Probably
not listed due to scarcity. I also read that this was a suprise set that
wasn't advertised. Just showing it off for now, but do plan to trade it:)
Thats not too bad. Better than a $10 Jersey. Thanks for looking
it up for me.
nice pull...if you plan to trade it I can use it for my pc, but not sure I have a 30$ card at the moment :(
Move it fast. Prices on the celestials are inflated because they were thought to have been involved in the "Crack the Ginter Code" shenanigans. People were overpaying for them for a few weeks... and later it was found out not to be true. I'd expect BVs to drop quickly! But, what do I know... seriously, can anyone predict anything with the hobby any more...
I think it'll be safe. Most of the people trying the code thing were paying
for scans. But like you say, hard to predict anything these days.