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Dimple Boy

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Hello Moderators,

I still didn't get my question answered as to why I was issued a warning when I didn't violate any rules. Could someone please clarify? Thanks!



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It looks like you posted message on someone else's thread, wefitz5 thread, you offered to trade or sale them, under the rules, new members are not allowed to sale until 20 trades have been completed. To check the status of a trade go to your trade manager. You can find more answers under the FAQ.

"I just wanted to add that I have over 1000+ football cards available for sale/trade broken down into team lots. You'll get stars, semi-stars, commons, perhaps even some duplication. I am pretty sure that each team I have has under 100 cards per lot, though.

If you think you'd be interested in something, let me know. Perhaps we could work something out? Thanks!

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