Sano-Goldschmidt-Smoltz-Stanton. all cards are low numbered. except for Sano RC

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5.00 star(s)
Jan 29, 2010
Lawrenceville, Ga.
2012 Topps Museum jumbo dual bat barrel Gary Sheffield and Mike Stanton 2/5

2013 Supreme stylings auto Paul Goldschmidt 31/35

2015 Panini Cooperstown induction auto John Smoltz 5/10

2014 Miguel Sano 3 Bowman sterling autos and one Platinum auto.

2013 topps Supreme relic auto Craig Kimbrel #14/25

2013 topps Momentous Materials Prince Fielder #9/10

Let me know what you want benchies

I looked at your bucket your autos are cut in half some of them.
I'm looking to sell.

If I had not spent so much already I would make you an offer. Maybe next time. In regards to my bucket when you first pull it up
the page looks like it is missing the bottom of the card. But when you click on a specific auto you will get a full picture of the card.
Over time the Bucket has had updates in its software and it would require me to rescan everthing to make the images smaller. So
I keep it as is and hope that anyone looking at my buckett actuall clicks on a card.
guy clean out your PM box you can't get any messages and you want prices on everything? Be more specific please thanks.

hey benchies we got back from the doctor's office my wife is diagnosed with ****** cancer. Need help this will probably cost our house and Lord knows what else. Make offers please at this point I could care less about cards. this is about something more important to me. Help out thank you.