Santa says I must've been good this year (Meijer's Santa Bucks/Heritage HI)

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Aug 30, 2007
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The Michigan Thumb
So with Santa Bucks at Meijer, you can get $3 off of a blaster box (or any item $14.99 to $24.98), so I decided to buy some Heritage Hi Number since we all know the rookie class is loaded this year. I bring you the highlights

From last week...

Better RC: Ed. Rodriguez, C. Gonzalez, DeShields, Matz, Velasquez, Wisler, McCullers
Short Prints: Rollins, Kemp, Bryant RC
Award Winners: AW9 Mike Trout
Classic Combos: CC7 Hosmer/Gordon
Now & Then: NT2 Matz Knocks In 4
Rookie Performers: RP1 Jorge Soler
Clubhouse Collection: Pablo Sandoval GU JSY (1:89 packs)

Not a bad start! So naturally they did Santa Bucks again and went for another... along with a few oldies hangers

Better RC: Lindgren, C. Gonzalez, DeShields, Correa, McCullers
Short Prints: J. Upton, Swihart RC, Kang RC
Award Winners: AW6 Jacob deGrom
Classic Combos: CC6 Davis/Machado
Now & Then: NT9 Kershaw Climbs To Triple Digits
Rookie Performers: RP4 Kris Bryant
Mini #/100: Carlos Correa 011/100 (1:169 packs)

2010 Topps S1: Brantley RC, TR16 O. Smith, CMT18 R. Jackson, HOTG13 Ruth, TTT13 R. Howard, PP14 Ibanez, TOG19 Ripken Jr., LL7 Sisler/Ichiro
2014 Topps US: deGrom RD, Darvish HL, Heaney RC, 62 Eaton SP, WM152 Donaldson AS, WM193 Chirinos, WM201 Norris AS, WSH-BM Mazeroski, FN-JA2 Abreu, PPA-PG Goldschmidt

I don't know what I'm holding onto for sure yet, but I can part with the Sandoval along with the 2010/2014 stuff.