Scan Of 2007 Topps #592 Needed (Marlins Team Card)

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Jun 12, 2005
Louisville, KY
Can anyone provide me with a scan of the Florida Marlins Team Card from 2007 Topps? It's #592. I'm looking for a LARGE scan! I really only need the bottom row of players to be honest. I'm trying to figure out if that is indeed Andre Dawson sitting there...

I appreciate any help!

pm me with your e-mail address ....i've got a scan for you - somewhat large...if i send it to your e-mail you should be able to open and manipulate it fairly easily (it's in jpg form)....
Is that him, #8?

cmcjr99 - Thank you! PM sent!

nevermore - Thats the scan I was looking at. I think it is, but I'm not 100% sure. I need to see it a bit bigger to be certain. By the way you picked up some NICE cards I noticed!

got it....a little googling tells me it is actually mike harkey and he's really wearing 86 though the 6 is not visible in the pic....

check the pic on this page :

mike harkey
Are you saying you think the #8 is actually Mike Harkey?


yes and no.....

the guy REALLY wearing number 8 is the white guy with a sunburn (or perhaps a latino , i'm not sure) sitting second from the right....

harkey is wearing number 86 ...he is sitting 4th from the right , between numbers 25 and 19....the 6 (in his 86) is simply not visible in the picture so it looks like he is also wearing #8....

the 2006 season was his only season with the marlins and he wore number 86....though the pic does bear a resemblance to the hawk , it's not him....sorry
I'm going to have to go against you on this one. I think it's "The Hawk". Harkey hasn't been that lean since 1986! If you at the card, #24 is Tony Perez. Perez and Dawson are both "Special Assts." to the president. Harkey might be #22. I wouldn't arue that one with ya! lol.

If you're looking at the bottom row, I don't see anyone who looks like Dawson.

We shall see. I have a few variations incoming. I've been wrong before a few times. I'll take my chances that I've looked at more pictures/cards of Dawson than his relatives have! :p

look like two guys have #8 jersey on.. on bottome row sitting about 2 players apart... but guy closet to middle #8 looks like Dawson to me??

If you are unsure I would try and locate a captioned version of that team photo in a team yearbook, media guide, or something of that sort.
Well, I now have a couple different variations of the 2007 Topps Marlins Team Card in hand and I'm 100% sure it's Dawson! I'm also 100% sure that he is on the team card from 2008 Topps Heritage and I'm 99% sure thats him on the 2004 Topps Marlins Team Card!


I'm now 100% sure that Dawson is on the 2004 card as well. I searched and found numerous Dawson shots with a Marlins Jersey that had no # and I also found this team photo that show him and Tony Perez both on the bottom row with no # jerseys on.

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I have to believe that the man in question is the Hawk. Those team photo cards feature 2006 team photos, the year he was with the team.
He's actually been with them for a while now. He and Tony Perez were both Special Assts. to the President and Dawson is also a roving hitting instructor for the Minor League System. I'm hoping in the next couple of years Ryno gets the managers job and makes Dawson the hitting coach. Although I'm not sure he would leave the Marlins because he's from Florida and still resides there to this day.