Scott Kazmir to the Angels, EDIT: DEAL FAILS?

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Mar 18, 2008
Great Falls, MT
Kazmir was just coming around, too. And I have a nice jersey with his name on the back LOL, and lots of GU and autos. Don't trade him!!

Like Myerburg311 (Chris) I did not want to see this happen. I am a huge Kazmir collector - been collecting him for most of his 5 years in the big leagues - I am also a big Rays fan and will continue to be a Rays fan, But I am now officially an Angels fan as well because of Kazmir. I had hoped that he would remain in Tampa for many years to come. I am only 4 hours from Tampa so I could go down for the games when he pitched. Will miss doing that now. Sad to see Tampa have to make this decision purely based on money - same problem that all the small market teams have.

But to answer your question - I will continue to be one of his top fans and card collectors no matter where he goes, nice to see him go where he can be on a bigger stage, I am very disappointed at the same time because I live and die on each Tampa Rays game, My cable station in Florida shows 90% of the Rays games - usually get to see him pitch either in person or on cable. I will miss seeing him as often now.

I also agree that this may work out fine for Tampa with the need to keep Crawford at the end of the year, he and Kazmir were the face of the franchise for the last 4 years.

Still sad for the Rays, just my opinion. Best Regards, Danny.
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That is hte disadvantage of being a small-market, low cash income franchise. Success can kill ya. Wishing the best for Kaz. Now wondering whether I should keep all of his autos, GUs, etc., that I have.

stupid move, unless there is something we dont know--hes the next kerry wood, mark prior--if this is true, then angels are pretty crazy to do this


Damn.. I was kinda hopin you would stop collectin him Danny so I could pick up some of the stuff you got! :p

Chris, I was thinking the same about you - thought I could pick up some of your stuff. Just kidding - actually like knowing that there are some major collectors of his out there. I will be in touch with you soon, think I can help you finish up your M&M sets - 10's 25's and 150's. Will be proposing a trade soon with you.

As much as I hate to see him leave Tampa I actually think going to LA may really help being on a larger stage now, might even expand his fan base. I really believe he is coming back from the injury now, has looked very good in his last 3 - 4 starts, almost looks like the Kazmir of old (odd for a 25 yr old). I really believe that after a couple of years that this trade will look just as crazy as the Mets - Tampa trade years ago. I know that Tampa is strapped for cash and needs to hang on to others but also believe he was just as valuable as the 'others'. Hope it works out for both teams as I am still a fan of Tampa Bay in spite of what I consider to be a bonehead trade on their end.
Will be in touch soon, glad to see you are still sticking with Kazmir, I hope to be a Kazmir SC one day along side ya. Best Regards, Danny.
i wouldn't bank on him being on a larger stage. ESPN pretty much ignores teams that aren't in Chicago, New York, Boston, or least when it comes to covering young stars.