Selling a few cards tonight if anyone is interested. Thanks

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Apr 18, 2022
Hello everyone, I hope your Sunday has been great. Just looking to sell a few things here. You're welcome to make offers but please don't lowball as I know the value of my cards and spend a lot of time on ebay. All these will be priced below Ebay average. PayPal Good and Services will be the only payment method and all cards will be shipped tomorrow at 4:30pm before I head back into work. I will upload tracking right after I print out the labels tomorrow. If you are looking for anyone in particular, please just let me know and if I have any I will post them if they are available. I will post new ones after these are sold. I don't want to list 50 cards and only have 2 sell so I will start with a few. Thanks Chris

Draymond Green Contenders Rookie Autograph $90 Paypal DLVD
52007879971_6cb4576a1b.jpg09D6EA83-9858-4212-A7D4-B2A579F32E8A by Christopher Smith, on Flickr

Michael Jordan E-X 2001 #9 $43 Paypal DLVD
51630302840_53b9a98de0.jpgCC89AF14-D041-4674-85A5-7144B8EDD689 by Christopher Smith, on Flickr

Michael Jordan 1998 UD Ionix Reciprocal /750 $58 Paypal DLVD
51982356742_751b682d5a.jpgC7B8ACF6-2DCC-468A-BA37-B2359E4C238F by Christopher Smith, on Flickr
I'd be at $135 for all 3 cards, but you don't have any feedback, i'd only do this if you send the cards first, payment sent the day i receive cards ,thanks