Selling Cards on Ebay

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Oct 27, 2010
Erie, PA
I'm certainly not new to ebay, but I've never really done any card selling on ebay. I just had one question - Does it really matter when you have the auction end? I have all the listings in turbolister, ready to go, but I didn't know if I should hold off on listing them till Saturday or Sunday night, so that it would end on a weekend.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
It definitely matters what time....list them so they go off Saturday afternoon....thats when there are the most people you will get the most money
I think with the popularity of snipe programs, you can have items end anytime and still get bidders. However, having items end in the evening, say around 6-7PM PST is probably best for maximum exposure. The East Coast has not gone to bed and the West Coast is home from work, done with dinner and relaxing before tv.

I'm not 100% sure about weekends. Sunday evening may be a good night. I wouldn't use Saturday night if you want "foot traffic" so to speak. I could be wrong too, but Saturday or Sunday afternoon seems like a time when people would be out doing things, not sitting on a computer. Weeknights would be my vote.
Keep in mind what will be going on the particular night you end something. Make sure it isn't a holiday. Check TV listings to make sure that there isn't something on that most of America will be watching. My brother sold something a couple of weeks ago, that should have brought $100.00 more than it did, but he ended it on a Sunday night, and it just happened to be the night of the Packers and Vikings game. I'm certain that had something to do with his final sale price.

Overall, the time and day doesn't matter anymore especially when snipe programs are used more times than not nowadays.

But I would say ending between 9-11:59PM EST so everyone in the US has a chance to see it.
I always scheduled my batches to end on Sunday afternoon about 15 minutes after the first wave of 12:00 cst football games. I had them spaced out over the next 8 hours and they always did really well in that timeframe.
I would definitley have the auction active on Thanksgiving day. I have always tried to work in a Friday and Saturday into my auctions with most of them ending Sunday around 12 noon.