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4.80 star(s)
Looking to sell from this list, trying to build some PP for a 15-16 UD buy or whatever....pretty flexible on deals...only need to adjust a bit for shipping to Canada if you happen to be from worries..I'll be gentle as I can be
$4 ea/ all for $15 dlvd
06-07 Flair Showcase Stitches#SS-LU Lundmark (Flames)
07-08 Black Diamond Jersey Single#BDJ-HE Hejduk (Avs)
11-12 Artifacts Tundra Trios#TT3-WPG Kane/Byfuglien/Pavelec
11-12 Crown Royale Mythology#24 Sakic (Avs)
11-12 Crown Royale All the Kings Men#7 Clutterbuck (Wild)
11-12 Elite New Breed#13 Colbourne (Leafs)

11-12 KHL AllStars Gagarin Cup Dual#7 Proshkin/Semyonov $15 dlvd
11-12 KHL AllStars Gagarin Cup Dual#11 Nilsson/Lewandowski $15 dlvd
$3 ea all $20 dlvd
11-12 Pinnacle Threads#13 Thornton (Sharks)
11-12 RC Anthology RC Rivalry#12 Gudbranson/Faulk (Pens/Canes)
11-12 Titanium Game Used Gear#27 Larsen (Stars)
12-13 Black Diamond Double Jersey#CBJ-RJ Johansen (Blue Jackets)
12-13 Crown Royale Towering Defenders#TD-JG Giguere (Avs)
12-13 Crown Royale Towering Defenders#TD-JB Boumeester (Flames)
12-13 Crown Royale Towering Defenders#TD-IB Bryzgalov (Flyers)
12-13 Crown Royale All the Kings Men#LA-DB Brown (Kings)
12-13 RC Anthology Royal Lineage#RL-Col Bourque/Barrie/Johnson

$2 ea $14 dlvd for all
12-13 Titanium GU Gear#GG-NI Niemi (Sharks)
GG-AL Martinez (Kings)
GG-BS Shanahan (Wings)
GG-AN Markov Jsy (Habs)
GG-BB Burns (Sharks)
GG-RR Regehr (Sabres)
GG-CY Schneider (Canucks)
GG-JT Thornton (Sharks)
GG-DT Tyrell (Lightning)

$5 ea
12-13 Titanium Game Used Gear Patch#GG-HE #'d 1/50 Hedberg (Devils)
13-14 Dominion Mammoth Jersey#M-LR #'d 42/50 Robitaille (Kings)

$3 ea $32 dlvd for all
13-14 Black Diamond Double Jsy#DALL-JC Cambell
WINGS-DB Brunner
PENS-BB Bennett x2
VAN-JS Schroeder
EDM-JS Schultz
BRUINS-DH Hamilton x2
RFWD-JH Huberdeau
STL-CS Stewart
DALL-JC Campbell
RFWD-AG Galchenyuk
PHI-SL Laughton
BEES-GM Murray

$3 ea $13 dlvd for all
13-14 Black Diamond RC Double Jerseys
ROOKD-JT Tinordi (Habs)
ROOKD-MP Pysyk (Sabres)
ROOKD-NB Beaulieu (Habs)
ROOKD-JS Schultz (Oilers)
ROOKD-DH Hamilton (Bruins) x3
ROOKD-DD Dubnyk (Oilers)

$4 ea
13-14 Dominion Authentic Materials#D-MM #'d 52/99 Messier (Rangers)
13-14 Dominion Authentic Materials#D-DY #'d 50/99 Doughty (Kings)

13-14 ITG Heroes & Prospects GU Jsy#M12 Pepin (Islanders)

13-14 ITG Heroes & Prospects Top Prospect Gold Jsy#TPM-15 #'d/10 Klimchuk (Flames prospect) $20 dlvd
13-14 ITG Heroes & Prospects 10th Anniversary Jsy#AP-76 #'d 1 of 80 E. Kane $6 dlvd
13-14 ITG Heroes & Prospects 10th Anniversary Jsy#AP-91 #'d/100 Skinner $5 dlvd
13-14 ITG Heroes & Prospects Subway Super Series Black Jsy#SSM-03 Duclair (Remparts) $5 dlvd
13-14 Prime Prime Duals Kopitar/Getzlaf #'d 2/200 $6 dlvd

13-14 SPx RC Materials#RM-CC Conacher (Sens) $4 dlvd
13-14 SPx RC Materials#RM-JC Campbell (Stars) $4 dlvd

$4 ea $11 dlvd for all
13-14 SPx Winning Combos#WC-RW Rinne/Weber (Preds)
13-14 SPx Winning Materials Jsy#WM-TH Hall (Oilers)
13-14 SPx Winning Materials Jsy#WM-PD Datsyuk (Wings)

$3 ea $19 dlvd for all
13-14 Titanium Game Worn Gear#GG-DP Perron (Oilers)
GG-JPO Pominville (Wild)
GG-AV Vermette (Coyotes)
GG-BS Seabrook (B'Hawks)
GG-HS Sedin (Canucks)
GG-SC Clemmenson (Panthers)
GG-ML Lombardi (Ducks)
GG-AF Foote (Avs)

13-14 Titanium Game Used Gear Dual#GG-IP #'d 43/50 Iafrate/Phanuef (Leafs) $8 dlvd
13-14 Titanium Milestones#MI-MO Modano #'d 75/100 (Stars) $6 dlvd
13-14 Titanium Milestones#MI-VL #'d 64/100 Lacavalier (Lightning) 6 dlvd
13-14 Titanium Team Building#TB-FLA #'d 43/100 Hub/Bjug/Shore/Howden $9 dlvd
13-14 Trilogy Star Spotlight#-NET Rinne/Kiprusoff/Lehtonen $8 dlvd

$3 ea $ $50 dlvd for all
13-14 UD Game Jsy#GJ-DI Dionne (Kings)
GJ-MH Handzus (Blackhawks)
GJ-GP Perreault (Kings)
GJ-MN Neuvirth (Capitals)
GJ-NF Foligno (Blue Jackets)
GJ-JC Carter (Kings)
GJ-OP Pavelec (Jets)
GJ-MW M. Weber (Sabres)
GJ-GC Carbonneau (Habs)
GJ-JT Theodore (Panthers)
GJ-BL Leetch (Rangers)
GJ-LE Eller (Habs)
GJ-CP Price (Habs)
GJ-PR Rinne (Preds)
GJ-BR Ranford (Bruins)
GJ-CS Stewart (Blues)
GJ-TM Myers (Sabres)
GJ-RY Miller (Sabres)
GJ-EB Balfour (Leafs)
GJ-TA Hall (Oilers)
GJ-BN Nicholls (Oilers)
GJ-RB Bourque (Bruins)

94 Classic Pro Hockey Prospects Bonsignore AU $10
Bonk AU $10
05-06 Parkhurst Signature#RH Hollweg (Rangers) $4 dlvd

$5 ea $11 dlvd
05-06 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures#US-EN Nystrom (Flames)
05-06 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures#US-RW Whitney (Pens)
05-06 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures#US-BM Morrow (Stars)

06-07 Be a Player Signatures#AN Niittymaki (Flyers) $3

$4 ea $45 dlvd for all
08-09 Artifacts AutoFACTS#AF-JS Skille (Blackhawks)
AF-AP Picard (Lightning)
AF-AR Raycroft (Leafs)
AF-ML Lashoff (Bruins)
AF-CB Borer (Hurricanes)
AF-JO Boychuk (Avalanche)
AF-PB Budaj (Avalanche)
AF-TH Hensick (Avalanche)
AF-SD Downie (Flyers)
AF-JJ Johnson (Kings)
AF-KC-Calder (Kings)
AF-CH Chipchura (Habs)
AF-EN Nystrom (Flames)
AF-NK Kronwall (Wings)
AF-OP Pavelec (Thrashers)

$5 ea
08-09 Trilogy Superstar Scripts#SS-MT Turco (Stars)
08-09 Trilogy Superstar Scripts#SS-OA Oates (Bruins)

$2 ea
09-10 BAP Signatures#S-MM Malhotra (Sharks)
S-OM Moller (Kings)
S-RT Torres (Blue Jackets)

10-11 ITG H&P Autograph#A-MR Repik $6

11-12 Crown Royale#146 Da Costa RC (Sens) $6
11-12 ITG H&P Autographs#A-KT Turris $8
12-13 ITG BTP GoalieGraphs#A-EM Marcoux (Armada) $6
A-PB Bartosak (Rebels) $5
A-JGC Gervais-Chouinard (Armada) $5

$4 ea $10 dlvd for all
12-13 Titanium Metallic Marks Bronze#20 Bourque (Preds)
12-13 Titanium Metallic Marks Bronze#50 Timmins (Panthers)
12-13 Titanium Metallic Marks Bronze#54 Erixon (Rangers)

$3 ea $10 dlvd for all
12-13 RC Anthology RC Treasures GU/AU#120 #'d 416/699 Dillon RC (Stars)
12-13 RC Anthology RC Treasures GU/AU#132 #'d 328/699 Ness RC (Islanders)
12-13 RC Anthology RC Treasures GU/AU#144 #'d 457/499 Hamilton RC (Leafs)

13-14 Black Diamond Gemography#GEM-FB Brunnstrom (Wings)
13-14 Black Diamond Gemography#GEM-ZK Konopka (Wild)

$5 ea $ $45 dlvd for all
13-14 Contenders RC Ticket AUs#160 Palat RC (Bolts)
173 Cundari (Flames)
175 Lalonde (B'Hawks)
187 Oleksiak RC (Stars)
188 Corrado (Canucks)
200 Petrecki RC (Sharks)
202 Peluso RC (Jets)
204 Schroeder (Canucks)
206 Sgarbossa RC (Avs)
209 Panik (Bolts)
243 Berra (Flames)
275 Wilson (Caps)

$3 ea
13-14 Dominion GU/AU#147 #'d 94/299 Sgarbossa RC (Avs)
13-14 Dominion GU/AU#188 #'d 274/299 Jensen RC (Canucks)

13-14 Dominion GU/AU Gold#178 #'d 28/50 McGinn RC (Flyers) $8

$5 ea $7 dlvd for both
13-14 ITG H&P Autograph#A-JG Gregoire (Drakkar)
A-ER Roy (Wheat Kings)

$5 ea $14 dlvd for all
13-14 ITG H&P Class of 2014 Autograph#A-MDC Dal Coll(Generals)
A-BR Robinson (Battalion)
A-RDU Duke (Hurricanes)
A-BP Point (Warriors)

13-14 SPx AU RC Jsy Lvl 1#193 #'d 188/499 Lindholm (Ducks) $8
13-14 Titanium Reserve AU#TR-NP Petrecki RC $4
13-14 Titanium Reserve AU#TR-BM Morrow (Blues) $3
13-14 Titanium Metallic Marks Silver#MM-81 Foligno (Blue Jackets) $3
13-14 Titanium Metallic Marks Bronze#MM-30 Teubert (Oilers) $3
13-14 Titanium Game Worn Gear AU#GA-TEN #'d 34/100 Ennis (Sabres) $6
13-14 Trilogy#158 #'d 446/699 Laughton RC AU (Flyers) $7
195 #'d 39/399 Hickey RC AU (Islanders) $7
13-14 Trilogy Ice Scripts#IS-JA Allen (Blues) $8
13-14 UD S1 Signature Sensations#SS-NL Leddy $6
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