Semi-unexpected & mystery address return 3/20/10

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Apr 3, 2007
Rowlett, TX
First time this has happened, sent requests to two addresses in the same urban area and got one back so I don't know which address worked.

Sent on Jan. 15 c/o home and Mar. 11 c/o Reds spring training to Tony Phillips... got it back today just postmarked Phoenix, AZ. His home address was in Scottsdale and the training complex is in Goodyear. Doesn't matter I guess, it's still a success that I had no idea if I'd get back or not from either location.

Phillips signed two cards out of the 92 Triple Play set (regular and "Awesome Action")... hoping for a dual on the AA one of these days with Luis Polonia.

Thanks for the read and hope I didn't get anyone's hopes up :eek:

Edit: Some site says he has a very low success rate so maybe this is a pretty sweet return after all.
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That is a nice success! I'm guessing it was the Red ST site.