Sending a mini helmet?


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Has anyone shipped a mini helmet to get autographed? I was just wondering the best way to pack it and ship it off?


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I want to send one to Ron Powlus myself and am also unsure. I'm thinking I will include a return label and prepaid shipping label in the box and ask him to reseal it and put the new labels on to return?? There is probably a better way, I hope someone sheds some light.


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Go to your Post Office and get a #4 Priority Mail box. A mini helmet will fit perfectly.

A mini helmet and the box together weigh less than 1 lb, so shipping should be $4.95 if I remember correctly. The Post Office sells a 1lb Priority Mail stamp.

In the box include a return label to yourself, a Priority Mail stamp and a letter requesting that they return in the same box and that you have included a return label and postage.

Hope this helps.