Sending out my first ones in a while

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5.00 star(s)
Apr 17, 2008
Arlington, TX
Writer's Cramp! Cranked out a giant load of them to send out tomorrow. I'm getting back in after a hiatus of 2 years (only sent out about 20 in the past 2 years combined after sending out a couple hundred in 2006 and 2007).

Fred Lynn - 1, expecting the index card
Joe Morgan - ditto
Doug Decinces - 3 cards
Walt Weiss - 4 cards
Tony Fernandez - 4 cards
Tom Lasorda - 2 cards
Lee Smith - 4 cards
Herschel Walker - 3 cards and a CIC
Roger Staubach - 1 card and 2 CIC
Marty Lyons - 2 cards
Lawrence Taylor - 2 cards
Bobby Thomson - 2 cards
Walt Jocketty - 1 card
Bob Sheppard - 1 card and 1 CIC
Sy Berger - 1 card and 1 CIC
Marvin Miller - 1 card
Ernie Banks (wrote a long letter, hope that might help me) - 2 cards
Tony Perez - 2 cards

I've seen successes with good speed on most of these, so I'm hoping for something good in my box in the next month or so!
Well, there's one that I can go ahead and count out. Oh well.

Sucks because I had heard of several free successes in the past few months. I'm guessing this fee is a pretty new development?
Yeah, that's why I sent to LT now, lol. Saw on a few other sites that he started rapid-firing successes about a week ago, so I'm hoping I got mine in under the wire.

Writing and sending a bunch more over the next few days:

Goose Gossage
Y.A. Tittle
Ben Oglivie
Tony Hill
Tom Kelly
Whitey Herzog
Davey Johnson
Roger Craig
Zane Smith
Kelly Gruber
Tom Niedenfuer
Bob Grich
Ron Blomberg
Greg Luzinski
Doug Drabek
Steve Lyons