Seriously thinking about unloading almost everything I have

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Jun 12, 2006
I have been collecting cards on and off since the mid 70's. Most of my older stuff was sold a long time ago. With two young kids, less time for cards and today's prices, i've been thinking about unloading the majority of my cards. This includes...

Complete Sets (All sports)
Commons/Stars (All Sports)

I would continue to collect only 2 sets each year, Topps & Topps Heritage baseball.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get started with this task? Please don't just suggest eBay. That may work for some items, but not everything. I was hoping I could find a collector/dealer somewhere out there to buy a large, if not all, portion of my collection.
I'm trying out to move some of those $5-20 BV RCs, Inserts and Numbered cards that you can't get rid of on eBay and sometimes even have a hard time trading. You send the cards...they scan/inventory/insure the cards for $0.15 per card at which point you can price to sell online - you don't have to handle the shipping. It's a huge time-saver if that's what you are looking for.

They don't do complete sets, though...and wouldn't be worth selling commons because of the per-card fee.
Just start listing them on the forums of this site and others. I've been doing that for a near year now and have done alot better than I thought I would. It's been even better than what I've done on ebay or sportsbuy. It just takes time and patience.