Server Issues - PLEASE READ

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Sep 30, 2002
New Jersey

The company that hosts our server has been steadily getting worse, uptime, customer support etc. 6 days of downtime is unheard of in this day and age, so I have begun the process to move hosts.

Shortly (could be in the next hour or later today) I will shut the forums down and begin migration to the new server. I will do this so there is no data lost during this time period.

If you working on trades, please hold off until we are back up and running in a stable environment.
since i see your message was posted 4 hours ago , a quick question or two....

was the move done already (before i ever saw the message) ?

if not , any update on when it will happen and how long the site will be unavailable ?
Is there anything maybe new server-related that would explain why I am no longer receiving emails notifying me of mail or thread responses I'm subscribed to? I haven't gotten an email from The Bench in at least a week, and several would have been expected.

Still having a problem receiving e-mails regarding posts to my threads
and posts to threads that I have subscribed to?? Any idea when this will
be fixed??