SGC Old Judge N172 Bid Mcphee


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Hey everyone. i finally got my OJ Mcphee graded. They called me today to tell me that the card had been trimmed and they were going to slab it "A". Here are the pre slabbed pics. I will post the scans of the slabbed card later this week when i get it. I would love to hear your thoughts, Im not sure if im going to put it on the auction block or put it back in the safe.



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Nice card, but it does look like it may have been trimmed to me. The lack of wear on the top edge isn't consistent with the other three. Also, if you look at the scan of the back, the other three edges have a slight "darkening" due to aging. The top edge does not.

BTW, if you do decide to sell it, I have wanted one of these for a really long time, so please let me know. Maybe we could work out a deal for it.

- Britt