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Nov 30, 2009
I seem to have been blessed with fairly good luck at obtaining In Person AU's when I try. I love Autograph hounding as I'm sure many of us do. Here are my career Successes:

In Peron

Signed Astros Hat (Early 2000's):
Lance Berkman
Billy Wagner
Brad Ausmus
Orlando Hernandez
Adam Everett

2001 Topps Jose Viscaino

2001 UD Victory Brad Ausmus

Dual Signed Authentic BP Used Ball (Houston):
Orlando Merced
Brandon Puffer

Dual Signed Rockies Hat (Late 1990's):
Neifi Perez
Jose Jimenez

Triple Signed Frederick Keys (Orioles A Team) (2001):
#'s 51 and 14 (Any Help On Identification Would Be Appreciated)
The Oriole Bird (Mascot)

Dual Signed SMUDGED Rockies Hat (7/2/2002):
Brent Butler
#5 (So Smudged I can't tell who; any help on who was #5 at this date would be appreciated)

Kailee Wong Signed Texans Hat (2003)

2003 Upper Deck Morgan Ensberg (Signed Back @ Minute Maid)

Signed Authentic Somerset Patriots Foul Ball (2004 or 2005):
Dan Mozingo

Bill Madlock Signed Mizuno Glove (2005ish)

2005 Upper Deck First Pitch Derek Lee (2005 @ Shea)

2005 Topps Total Chad Cordero/Luis Ayala (2005 @ Shea)

Pirates v. Dodgers Triple Signed Ticket (4/13/2006):
Soloman Torres
Victor Santos
Matt Capps

Pirates v. Dodgers Dual Signed Ticket (4/13/2006):
Zach Duke
Mike Gonzalez

Zach Duke Signed Pirates v. Dodgers Ticket (4/13/2006)

Paul Konerko Signed White Sox @ Orioles Ticket (7/30/2006)

Dual Signed Official BP Used MLB Ball (Old Yankee Stadium):
Andrew Miller (Was His MLB Debut Day)
Joel Zumaya

Chris Burke Signed Authentic MLB Ball (2007)

Dual Signed Authentic MLB Ball (2007):
Obtained at Coors Field
Jamey Carroll
Jason Hirsh

Dual Signed Authentic MLB Ball (2008):
Obtained at Dodgers Stadium
Ryan Madson
Scott Eyre

5x Signed Authentic MLB Ball (2008):
Obtained at Angels Stadium
Yuniesky Betancourt
Kenji Johjima
Jake Woods
Jose Lopez
Carlos Silva

Dual Signed Authentic MLB Baseball (2008):
Obtained at Macafee Colliseum
Frank Thomas
Toby Hall

Daric Barton Signed White Sox @ A's Ticket (8/17/2008)

Greg Luzinski Signed Cal Ripken League Ball (7/11/2009)

Triple Signed Official League Ball (7/11/2009):
Obtained at Citizens Bank Park
Andrew McCutchen
Vigil Vazquez
Charlie Morton

Nick Green Signed Official MLB Ball (2009)

Magglio Ordonez Signed Official MLB Ball (2009)

Ryan Perry Signed Official MLB Ball (2009)

Also in my limited TTM Experience I've gotten:
1985 Fleer Ron Cey
1987 Hygrade All-Time Greats Carl Erskine
2001 UD Decade Ron Cey
2005 Topps Total Mike Cameron
2005 Topps Mike Cameron
2007 Bowman Gold Shawn O'Malley
2008 Topps James Loney
2008 Topps Aaron Cook
2008 Topps Jamie Moyer
2008 Upper Deck Woody Williams
2008 Upper Deck Garrett Anderson
2008 Donruss Threads Jose Tabata
2008 Donruss Threads Duke Snider
2008 Donruss Threads Carl Erskine
2008 Donruss Threads Bob Feller
Carl Erskine Signed Letter and 2 Bonus Cards He Included
Stan Musial Signed Post Card
Joe Mauer Post Card W/ Small Sig of "Joe" (May Not Be Real)

I hope to get more AU's as I am attending 2 Spring Training Games (Astros @ Marlins and Twins @ Cardinals). I'm also planning to go to a Cubs, White Sox, Blue Jays, Indians, Tigers, Brewers, Great Lakes Loons (Dodgers A Team) this season.

I'd like to here some others' successes!
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It would take me forever to list all my IP autos...some of my favorite though are:

Steve Nash
Mike Modano
HBK Shawn Michaels
DeMarcus Ware
Julius Jones
Bill Bates
Marty Turco
Dirk Nowitzki
Josh Hamilton
Ian Kinsler
Kevin Millwood
Pudge Rodriguez
Greg Dreiling

I could go on forver, but I will stop
Derek Jeter...1st homecoming after winning the 1996 WS (in Kalamazoo)...I covered the event, with his family attending at Kazoo Central HS. Signed balls and cards.:)

Bonnie Blair....put on a clinic for kids in Battle Creek
Phil Neikro....was coaching the Coors Light Silver Bullets Ladies Pro Team
Prince Fielder--Midwest League
Adam Dunn ....MWL
Austin Kearns..MWL
Felix Pie....MWL
Adrian Gonzalez...MWL
Roy Oswalt....MWL
Milt Wilcox
Willie Horton
Gates Brown
Dave Rozema
Curtis Granderson...just visited a local elementary school in Battle Creek last week to promote his new book for kids, and also honor two of the kids from that school who has illustrations in his book..:)...such a CLASS ACT
Joe Dumars
Coach Chuck Daly
Jim Northrup

...many others from the MWL as well...great talent comes through the MWL!

However, my all-time favorite and hero...Al 'Mr. Tiger' Kaline, after waiting more than 30 years to meet him (when I wasn't writing)...I finally met him after he visited his grandson who plays for the BC Bombers two years ago.

He signed a ball, an 8 x 10, and a card...and I got my pic taken with he signed for free all the way up until he threw out the first pitch!

Now..I'd love to get Mr. Pujols (I wonder if he signs through the mail), Tony Larussa and Joe Torre.

I could go on and on ...but those are my favs....
Thanks for letting me share.
Some of my favorites I have gotten in person.. and not at card shows..

@ Spring Training

Got both of these about 10 minutes apart
Lou Brock (A few years ago when LaRussa's was out of town for daughters event he managed the team at Spring Training for 1 game)

Bob Gibson (A few years ago when LaRussa's was out of town for daughters event he managed the team at Spring Training for 1 game)

Andre Dawson (He was a coach for the Marlins and was just sitting there, no one knew it was Dawson - no names ont he jerseys)

Red Schoendienst (Used to be at Spring Training every year and signed a bit)

Derek Jeter (Had to raise my 8 yr old cousin up so he could hand the ball over the 10 ft fence to him at Yankees ST camp)

Mariano Rivera (Same at Jeter)

Joe Torre (Same as Jeter)

Jim Palmer (Came to Cardinals ST to promote something and sat at a table and signed - someone actually had him sign a pair of men's underwear)

Bob Fellar (Came to an Indians sping training game and signed in the stands, one of the nicest guys I have met)

Albert Pujols X2 (One of these he signed 6 autos on his way to the dugout it and I happened to be the last one)

Jim Edmonds (After my brock gibson haul I had gotten 4-5 other balls signed and needed to reload my supply, they let you go in and out with a stamp at Jupiter. I was walking out past the parking lot and happened to see Edmonds walking in. At the time he was injured so he got to the game late, play had already started. I yelled at him from across the parking lot, politley of course. He looked around and saw I was the only person there and walked over and signed)

I probably have a couple hundred other auto'd balls soo...

One that was so close -

Reggie Jackson (He was at an Indians ST game and walked out 2 hours after the game - I stayed because I heard he was there - There were about 25 people who hung around. He walked out onto the field and was talking to some of the coaches. As he walked back he decided to sign 4 or 5 of those who weren't bundled up around where the players walk out onto the field. The walls there are probably 8 ft on the infield or so. So he had to reach up and I had to reach down. I leaned down and handed him my ball and as I did a coach walked up to him, they stood there for about 3-4 minutes talking, then he handed me my ball back without signing it and walked off. I couldn't believe it.)
As a kid, I was selected to represent my little league and got to play on the field at Anaheim Stadium before the game. We then met with Bert Blyleven and he signed an 8X10 for all of the kids. The autograph is a little cheesy, but the experience was awesome.

I also got in line to get an autograph at a card show. It was $10 and I had no idea who was at the other end of the line. I was really young. It turned out to be Bob Gibson and I got a great 8X10 signed.

and lastly, not my IP, but for my benefit. My uncle was hired to be John Roseboro's handy man. My uncle has zero interest in sports, but he knew I was into baseball and he asked John to sign an autograph for me. One of my all time favorites.