Show off those cards that you regret trading or selling

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Oct 16, 2006
outside of Boston
This thread is dedicated to the ones that got away.

I for one have regretted sending this back to UD for replacement since the day that I dropped it off at the post office. I received a bunch of Sweet Spot autos, and a Jeter auto in return, but if I could get this back, I would do it in a minute.

The reason I returned it was that UD had a program to swap out the Sweet Spot autos that were signed on bad leather, which caused the autos to fade over time.

I admit it, this was a rookie mistake in that I thought that UD would send something good back. That's what I get for gambling.

Please, if you are willing to share, let's see those cards you regret lettting go.


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Sold card similar to this in pic below…set was numbered #/2 for each season he played! I pulled a year 2007 season patch auto #/2 during the pandemic 😷 in late 2020 from a jumbo Topps update box. And sold it on eBay for $500 like a chump and regret it everyday LOL 😂

Thanks Josh


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I dont have a photo of the original but this one looks almost identical. You'll probably recognize this rookie.


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