Since upper deck is not in baseball any more

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Jan 29, 2010
Lawrenceville, Ga.
I wanted to ask since Upper deck is not in baseball any more. How many members feel they want to get rid of all there upper deck cards? And how is this going to change how you collect current or new cards?
I am not going to get rid of my UD. Some of my favorite cards are UD. But, unless a card is licensed, I won't be buying.
Not sure that would be my first thought about any card or player. I remember seeing a few people announce they would no longer collect a certain player or brand and I even saw a few guys dumping player collections (probably because if they weren't going to continue, what is the point of keeping them).

As far as collecting new stuff, I'm sure those who did UD will settle for something else. I enjoy cards and don't care about brands necessarily. If one were no longer available and I liked that brand, I may be upset at first, but I think I would move on. I don't collect new cards, so I don't care one way or another though.
I won't get rid of my UD cards. I don't really have any preference for brand. I buy and collect whatever catches my eye. I have completed a few sets, but I'm by no means a set collector. I'll continue to buy and collect what catches my eye and jumps out at me, not so much dependent on the brand.
I got a blaster of '10 UD and it really stinks to have a picture of every player's back on all the cards. Its too bad UD won't be prominent in baseball anymore, but I will still try to finish some UD sets from the first 20 years I have yet to complete. They still were ahead of the curve for many years.
I never had a preference really. In general I tended to like Topps' products better, but not for the name necessarily. UD's photography has always been way ahead of Topps' IMO and I will miss that.
Donruss/Playoff/Leaf was my favorite company followed by UD. It never crossed my mined to get rid of the cards because they were done with baseball cards. I don't collect for the financial aspect, as I very rarely sell, but do it because I like the cards.

If a card is not licensed, I will not buy. I hate, and I mean hate, the airbrushed logos on those types of cards or avoidance of logos in pictures.
I can't see getting rid of my UDs. I've been an UD customer on & off
since 1991. I've always enjoyed thier product its my favorite. I don't
really care if UD is licensed or not, so long as the cards don't look like
crap. But sadly, thier unlicensed stuff so far looks horrible. I was all for
less product & better value, but forcing UD out is not what I had in mind.
The more companies, the more competition, which equals wider variety
and better quality/price. Oh well, it sucks but I still enjoy collecting and
have no plans of stopping.
I still bust older licensed UD product. Bang-for-buck, UD still has a lot of Baseball product out there that's a ton of fun to bust. I've kind of stayed away from the 2010 Baseball simply because it feels like it's getting inflated in terms of prices...not to mention the lack of hits, and I will not buy unlicensed product (I can't stand the airbrushing/missing logos and team names).