SMR Magazine back issues FS

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Apr 16, 2005
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Doing some cleaning up before moving and have several PSA SMR (Sports Market Report) magazines FS.
Looking for $3 DLVD

Here are the ones I have on hand, the others I need to get from storage.

On Hand:

Fall 2015: (Vol 256)
Peyton Manning: Does He Belong on the Mount Rushmore of Football Cards?
PSA Set Registry: "Broadway Joe" Player Sets
Terry Bradshaw: Collecting Cards of the "Blonde Bomber"

November 2015: (Vol 255)
The Triple Crown for Yaz: Collecting the 1967 Topps Set
PSA Set Registry: 1965 Topps Gilligan's Island
It's a Matter of Taste: How Has Your Collecting Taste Changed Over Time?

February 2015: (Vol 246)
Dr. J: An Icon in the 1977 Topps Basketball Set
PSA Set Registry: The Jeffrey Griffith Hockey Collection
The Top Football Cards of the 1980s – Which Rookie Card Ranks Highest?

January 2015: (Vol 245)
Dick Butkus: A Star in the 1973 Topps Football Set
PSA Set Registry: 1978 O-***-Chee Hockey
Bob Gibson: Was He the Most Intimidating Pitcher Ever?

In Storage, I have back issues between, 2012-2014, let me know if there is a specific player, sports year and sport and I'll see which ones I have, next time get to storage.

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Adding a few more issue descriptions.

December 2014
Mickey Mantle: Collecting the Master Set of the Commerce Comet
PSA Set Registry: 1978 Topps Basketball
Collector Profile: An Interview with the NFL's Evan Mathis

October 2014
Lou Gehrig – The Heart of the 1933 DeLong Set
PSA Set Registry: Collecting Jimmie Foxx
Picture Perfect: An In-depth Look at Original Photo Collecting

September 2014
Bob Feller: A Cleveland Sports Icon
PSA Set Registry: 1934-36 Diamond Stars
The Cards that Never Were from Historic Autographs – Which Fantasy card Is Your Favorite?

August 2014
Godzilla: The King of Monsters Is Back
PSA Set Registry: Collecting 1992 Impel X-Men Cards
Game of Thrones – Is the Hit Series a Hit with Collectors?

July 2014
Joe DiMaggio: A Legend in the 1941 Play Ball Set
PSA Set Registry: 1963 Bazooka All-Time Greats
Collecting All-Century Team Autographs – Which Icon Poses the Biggest Challenge?

June 2014
Jack Lambert: A Key Rookie in the 1976 Topps Football Set
PSA Set Registry: 1952 Topps Wings
Major Milestone: Collectors Universe Hits 50,000,000

May 2014
The Dawn of Athlete Endorsements – A Brief History of the 1874 Red Stockings Cigar Poster
Taking My Hacks: Don't Abandon the Hunt
PSA Set Registry: The 1975 Topps Football Card Set – A Set About Swann, the Steelers and the Start of a 1970s Dynasty

April 2014
Gordie Howe: A Cardboard Tour Through the Career of the Iconic "Mr. Hockey"
PSA Set Registry: Collecting the 1976 Topps Basketball Set
Fast and Furious: The Classic Sports Cars of the 1961 Topps Set

March 2014
Walter Johnson: Just One Legend Found in the Unrivaled Thomas Tull Collection
PSA Set Registry: 1989 Perez-Steele Celebration Postcards
2013's Most Dangerous Autographs – Who Made the List This Year?

February 2014
Ty Cobb: A Key to a HOF Baseball Collection
PSA Set Registry: 1967 Topps Football
Collecting Boxing Cards – Where Does the 1951 Topps Ringside Set Rank?

January 2014
The Comeback – Derrick Rose Ready for NBA Return
PSA Set Registry: 1967 Topps Hockey
1986 Topps Football: Where Does This Set Rank Amongst Modern Football Issues?