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Sold!!! Shaq 42 Card Lot (Mostly RC Cards) FS for $30 dlvd in small priority mail box


5.00 star(s)
Any interest in a 42 card Shaquille O'Neal lot (consisting of mostly RC cards) for $30 dlvd in small priority mail box? Here is the list:

-New Kids on the Court Card with Larry Johnson Stacy Augmon and Kenny Anderson
-Anthony Douglas The Shaq Attack Promo Card #1 of 8 (x2)
-Ballstreet Promo Card
-92-93 Topps Stadium Club Card #247 (x15)
-92-93 Topps Stadium Club Members Choice Card #201
-92-93 Fleer Ultra Card #328 (x7)
-92-93 Upper Deck Card #1 (x2)
-92-93 Upper Deck Trade Card #1b
-92-93 Upper Deck Card #424
-92-93 Upper Deck Card #474 (x2)
-92-93 Hoops 5th Anniversary Gold Medallion Card #155
-92-93 Skybox Card #DP1
-1992 Classic Four Sport C3 Members Only Card #PR1 1 of 25,000
-1992 Classic Four Sport Tri-Star St. Louis '92 Promo Card #PR1 17 of 20
-1992 Classic Four Sport Card #LP8 1 of 46,080
-93-94 Skybox Shaq Talk Confidence Card #9
-1994 Upper Deck Collectors Choice You Crash The Game Card #R10
-1994-95 Fleer Ultra Card #135
-1995 Topps Stadium Club Team of the Future Card #5 of 10
-1998 Upper Deck Heart and Soul with Kobe Bryant Card #80
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