some IP last night 8/10!!!!

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Mar 30, 2009
western, MA
well i went down to the game last night and this is what i got :D !!!
duaner sanchez 3/3.. 50/50 with elmesero5..
ed ott 8/8... this guy is awesome if you guys ever get the chance to meet him do it. he talked to me for a solid 20min after the game when he came out of the clubhouse. we talked about the time he rode a bike from PA to FL for spring training for tug mcgraws foundation... when i handed my cards to him to sign i told him he could keep what ever he liked and he said "its ok i dont want any im sick of looking at myself i gave all my stuff to my mother so i dont have to look at me anymore" and then i asked him if he ever gets sick of signing and he said "no its only 5 letters i have to write and who knows one day people might stop asking me for a autograph so i dont mind signing". and then i noticed his world series ring and i asked him if i could look at it and he held it out in front of me and this is the first time i have ever seen one IP and the ring just looked awesome i wish i didnt leave my camera in my car.. but all and all this guy is awesome...
Awesome man, would u trade one of the Otts for a Andrew Miller IP auto? Shoot me a PM and lmk what ya think.
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let me know if you will see ott again...congrats on the graphs