Some people's children (A MBS Grading story)

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Everyone can be a "professional" these days. It just takes a few spare minutes, an internet connection and a scanner! You have to appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit, but...
I like the standard top loader with the label TAPED on to the holder! That is quality and professional. I can't tell if the tape extends over the opening to prevent you from slipping in your PSA 4 Jordan card, reselling it and pulling a fast one on the unsuspecting public for fantastic profits!
Bench Members Grading Service///BMGS

We should have our own grading service here on the Bench.
We could scan a card,front and back,and our fellow members
could grade it as they see it.
It might be fun and probably just as accurate as what you have to pay for.
If he had something I needed,I might bid.
Some of the vintage,on the block,look
pretty nice.He's got a few bidders,but
most are 0.Might be able to pick up
some nice ones,cheap.
Besides,having an "actual" MBS graded card
is kind of ...................:D
I'm picturing a kid who has just said the heck with paying
high grading fees, I'll just grade em myself. Thanks for the link.
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