Some Rarer Minis FT

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I'm always on the lookout for rarer minis for my Red Sox mini sets (Ginter, GQ, Topps 206/205, etc). Here are some rarer ones I have FT. I have a lot of other minis FT as well. Just ask:


1. Strawberry #/50
2. Reyes Cycle Back (2003 Topps 205)
3. Rodriguez #/99
4. Cespedes NSCC
5. Mexican Hat seed card
6. Ott SP Variation
7. Taylor #1/2 (from mini rip card)
8. Volquez NNO ('15 AG)
9. Craig Flag Back #/25 ('14 AG)
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tom szczygiel

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I have these nice Mini for trade ;
2014 Gypsy Queen Mini Wood #21 Elvis Andrus 3/5
2015 Goodwin Mini Canvas ? Lady Luck Back ,#2,6,33,41,46,50,53,54,59,72,106,148 all /50 on back
2012 Goodwin Mini Red Foil Magician Back # Jack Morris, #223 Reggie Golden ,224Matt Szczur all /12
2013 Goodwin Mini Red Foil Magician Back #50 Clint Dempsey, #133 John Brzenk all /13
2015 A&G Mini Red Border #309 Matt Kapler ,#338 Mike Napoli,#55 Jonah Keri ,143 Mike Zunino all /40
2015 A&G Mini Healthy Body BODY-8 Barbell Lifts, #10 Grappling
2015 A&G Mini Flag Back #69 Bethancourt , #12 Nelson Cruz both /25
looking for nice Jeter,Trout,Kris Bryant cards or GU we donr have
send me a email for quick response [email protected]