Some ultra-tough autos at upcoming signings

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Aug 11, 2010
New York
I was reading a blog about a set collector, who picked up a auto from a private signing done by chris potter sports. So I looked at his Jan '11 upcoming signings, there are some easy names that sign TTM for free for $12-$30 for flats. But there is one absolutely impossible TTMer for any price, I know from experience, tried sending Rocky Colivito $50 and it still came back unsigned. He signing for $55, anyone who needs to complete a set with him, this maybe your best chance. I have never done any business with this company, but they do have roughly 40 players signing in Jan, mostly mets and yanks, with some others scattered, check out the lists, you guys may need some.
Chris Potter is a class act, I've dealt with him quite a few times and have always been completely satisfied with the results
Thanks for this, need some of these for my diamond kings set, is Tim Raines a good ttm signer??
Not really, but he has been managing in independant league and can be got IP. i think newark most recently, but they may have lost their team, never sure whats going on in the indys.
I have a question about Mr. Potter's signings, so he is having 2 signings in January, for the first signing I need Ruben Sierra and for the second I need Ron Darling, do I ship them separately or can I ship them together even though the signings are on different dates..
Thanks in advance, Dylan
The late january list is just amazing. HoFers, both hard and easy TTMers aswell as a bunch of yanks and mets you maynot find anywhere else. Aside from the Pinella the prices all seem in line with what they should be, and as you all know I think the Colovito is a steal. If your trying to complete a signed set and need him, this maybe your only shot.
Hi everyone, this is Chris Potter. Thank you for the kind words. I just signed up for this site. I really enjoy the layout and all of the great posts. I would love to help fellow members of this site. We have an e mail newsletter we send out if anyone would like to be added. Take care.

Chris Potter
As some of you may have noticed this thread has made Chris Potter aware of this message board and he has since joined and made a few posts. I decided to contact him and had a long chat with him, because as I said in 1st post, I had never dealt with him He seems like a very good business man and seems truely interested in helping fans aquire the autos of the various players that are often hard to obtain. I know several of the autographed set collectors will be in need of some of the players at upcoming signings. Here is the list for the next signing that items are still being accepted for, you have roughly 10 days to get them in still.
He is a very good help, he answered all my questions via email within 3 hours and I can't wait to get my cards signed.