Someone Explain This Please

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Aug 19, 2003
I redeemed a card through Panini. It showed up in my redemption open cases. I then scanned the card in my bucket. A week later it is not in my open or closed cases. I contact Panini and let them know whats going on. They say someone else has redeemed the card and cannot help me. I have a friend of the family that is a lawyer that is going to help me out to fix this but has anyone ever heard of anything like this happening. I guess the moral is dont trust anyone in the hobby. And by the way if your reading this and are the one that stole this redemption from me now is the time to fix this before Monday when I file a claim with the FBI for theft and the FBI will be the ones involved since it was over the internet.

Wow- sorry to hear about that. You have to be really careful with scanning redemption codes bc there are obviously people out there who "steal" them. Hope you can get this all figured out.
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This seems odd because you would have had to log in to Panini's site to register the redemption. Did you receive an email confirmation when you first entered the redemption? I don't understand how someone else could snag it unless they got hold of your user ID and password.
I dont understand it either. I do not have the email anymore as i deleted it. I changed it from where you wait for 4 months to 8 months even. It was gone a few days later. Now they can no longer discuss it with me so maybe thier legal department will discuss it with either my lawyer or the police. I will do everything I can to make sure the guy gets everything coming to him.

So if you redemption it and it was in your open redemption case.......How did it get removed and someone else get it? Sounds like an inside job or some hacker got into their redemption site and stole peoples cards! Good Luck and I hope they catch the individual or individuals. Best regards, David