spetember and yesterday


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for my dads birthday i decided to get some ttm autographs of his old time favorites (old phillies, old eagles, old 76ers, old az cardinals, old suns and 74-76 flyers)
im doing this because this year i want to give my dad a present that wasn't bought with his own money so yesterday and last month

Mike Gminski 1/1 1989-1990 76ers
mike golic 1/1 '90 eagles
rick macleish 2/2 '75 flyers (super quick return probably a week to a week in a half)

also got this one thats not related to soul purpose of post/thread
terrell suggs '03 baltimore ravens

thanks for the look guys, i sm hopefull of more coming soon here


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Nice work Curtis.

Speaking solely of the Flyers you should find most of them very accomodating TTM. If you need addresses you need only ask.