Sportlots Bidding

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Nov 26, 2018
Ok so for the second time in as many months I have had to wait 2 months for payment on listings and I will say that Sportlots has some ownership of this problem since they pay out once a month and give people 17 days to pay AFTER the auction ends so I give them a 1 on their site payout system but I also have beef with bidders PLEASE STOP BIDDING A QUARTER AT A TIME EVERY 3 DAYS!!!
you only need to make one bid on any given auction it's real simple folks bid your Max amount you will pay for the card and leave it at that there's no excuse that I post an auction Feb 1st and now won't get payment for 2 auctions until April first that's completely unacceptable.
Sportlots bidding is purposely structured to be a waiting game, unlike ebay which is for a fixed time. The small bid multiples ensure that it will be a contest to see who gets tired/forgets to check their bid within three days and walks away first. As a seller, the longer the bidding stretches out the greater the chance you get more people to see your auction since it can close within three days if there are no new bids. As a buyer I always enter my max bid since it will only be used by the system if someone else bids up that high. It will shorten the length of the auction, and competition, because it eliminates those bidders who play the waiting game and decreases the number of bidders to only those who are serious and happen to view the auction within three days of me placing my max bid.
I also have a problem with giving people 17 days to pay I mean really? Let me walk in to a store and pick something up to purchase and tell the clerk I will pay him in a couple weeks it doesn't work in that instance and it sure doesn't work on Sportlots I do auctions and buy it now on ebay either way it's an instant payment I don't buy things if I don't have the money I think more people need to start doing the same and stop being ignorant and disrespectful to the seller if the shoe was on the other foot they would feel the same way.
Oh, I totally agree with you on the 17-day waiting period, but sometimes that isn't even the worst of it. I can't tell you how many times that a winning bidder hasn't paid at all, even after I sit and wait for a full 17 days. Anyone who has ever had that happen with a currently hot card item knows the frustration of having lost an important selling window. And you touched on the root of the problem. Sportlots itself. Steiner, the owner, only knows a tunnel-vision concept of pandering to whatever a buyer wants to do. A buyer just want to walk away without paying?: No Problem. A buyer wants to file a frivolous imaginary grievance: No problem. A seller has a mailing issue that delays delivery by a couple of days. OMG. Big Problem. Steiner's attitude always has been that he thinks sellers and their inventories are a dime a dozen, and buyers are rare unicorns to be baby sat and catered to
Can you include a disclaimer in the description that all payments must be made within a certain amount of days and if not, you have the right to cancel the sale and relist the card? I see that on eBay sometimes.

I checked out the auctions on there and I'd be super frustrated bidding on anything on Sportlots. That nickel and dime bidding re-setting the 3 day clock is just dumb. Love the regular site though and obtained many a set need from there.