Spring Training final day

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5.00 star(s)
Jan 10, 2009
Statesville, NC
Had to leave at 10:00 to return home so I only got a few at Viera

Shawn Estes 2/2
Greg Booker 2/2
Eddie guardado 1/1
Scott Olsen 1/1 (finally!!)
Jamie Burke 1/1
Ryan Mattheus 1/1
Pat Listach 1/1

I could have gotten others but I got mainly the ones I had never gotten before.

Nothing from Guardado even though I did ask him if he had his talk with Strasburg and he said that he did talk to him. My friend said that after practice, Strasburg did walk back though he was accompanied by two employees working as bodyguards but he did walk. So Eddie must have made his point stick.
i'm not gonna miss eddie's 4.46 era or the fact that lefties hit .333 against him last yr. his "leadership" was nice; but i'm pretty certain they can find a better LOOGY and overall bullpen arm..that being said, guardado did have a nice run and long career...i'm curious to see what estes still has left...i swear the nationals roster is half 40 yr olds and half 22 yr olds..not much in the middle.

oh yeah, nice spring training dude!! :)