Star Wars TCG (WotC) Trade or Buy


Bench Warmer
I am new to the forum, and looking to complete my foil Star Wars Trading Card Game collection. I am looking for the following foil cards in good condition:

19 Obi-Wan Kenobi (F)

Empire Strikes Back:
64 Wedge Antilles (B)
78 AT-AT Driver
96 Carbon Freeze
119 Rebel Fleet
131 Surprise Reinforcements
136 Vader's Call
142 All Terrain Scout Transport
148 Precise Attack
155 Bogwing
170 Hoth Battle Plains
206 Trust Her Instincts

The Phantom Menace:
46 Let the Cube Decide
60 Yaddle (A)

Return of the Jedi:
30 Occupied Tatooine
42 Boba Fett (H)

Again, I am only looking for these in foil. I have lots of other SWTCG cards available for trade, including, foils, promos, previews, and some foreign language cards, or I am willing to buy these cards at a fair price to complete my collection. Thanks for your time!