Start of baseball season


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Whitecaps had an open house today before tomorrow's opener. Got Derek Hill 2014 1st round pick on a OMLB and 2 8x10s

Found this MWL foul ball at thrift shop a month or so ago for 25 cents so got the team on it. Coaches Andrew Graham and Phil Clark. Players Johan Belisario, David Gonzalez, Arvicent Perez, AJ Ladwig, Rashad Brown, Derek Hill, Giancarlo Brugnoni, Artie Lewecki, Ross Kivett, Michael Gerber, Adam Ravenelle, Trent Szkutnik, Spencer Turnbull, Gabe Hemmer, Will Maddox, Garrett Mattlage, Zach Sheppard, Joe Jimenez, Gabe Speier, Joey Pankake, Josh Heddinger, Franklin Navarro and Jeff Thompson.

Missed pitching coach Mark Johnson. Will LaMarche and Shane Ziele are on roster but I know aren't here, then Paul Voelker and Fernando Perez I also didn't get but I dont think they are either here or came out for entire autograph session as I dont think I missed anyone other then the pitching coach.
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