Starter Sets FB to sell - BIG DISCOUNT - you win

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5.00 star(s)
I am offering BIG SALE on these cards.

Here is the deal. You only pay 20% of beckett plus shipping. If you pick a set and there is $20 worth of cards, you pay $4 plus shipping. Let me know what you are interested in and I can send you a list of the cards and the price delivered to you. This is a throwback like back in the day when cards were worth 5 cents, but this deal is about 4 cents a card. Some of these starter sets have 20 cards some have 500. This will be a first come first serve. PM would be easier, because I don't check the posts as often. This is a great deal for you and it clears out space for me.

2012 Absolute Retail
2012 Certified
2012 Gridiron
2012 Momentum
2012 Prestige
2012 Rookies & Stars
2012 Score
2012 Topps
2012 Topps Chrome
2012 Topps Magic
2012 Topps Platinum
2012 Topps Prime

2013 Absolute Retail
2013 Bowman
2013 Panini Prizm
2013 Score
2013 Topps
2013 Topps Archives
2013 Topps Chrome
2013 Topps Magic
2013 Topps Platinum
2013 Topps Strata

2014 Bowman
2014 Finest
2014 Panini Prizm
2014 Topps
2014 Topps Chrome
2014 Topps Chrome Minis