Starting an autographed set *1990 LEAF*

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Oct 7, 2005
Northwest Washington
For some reason I have an obsession for starting projects there is no way I'll ever finish. Anyway LMK what you have and what you'd need in return. I do have a nice TTM tradelist of about 250 cards.

PS. I do know that I'll have to purchase several (Griffey, Thomas, McGwire) if I have any hope of completing this set which I'm not sure I do. :D

Have so far.
Danny Darwin
Steve Buechele
Paul Gibson
Dan Plesac
Ricky Jordan
Shawn Dunston
Mark Gubicza
Lonnie Smith
Zane Smith
Mike Bielecki
Oddibe McDowell
Jay Howell
Don Robinson
John Orton
Tom Foley
Bobby Witt
Gerald Young
Joel Skinner
Kevin Bass

I am looking for cards already autographed
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I don't have any.. but wanted to wish you luck.. it is actually kind of fun getting a set signed.. I am working on the 87 Topps.. about 50-55% done to this point.
I guess I always have the attitude of "whats the big rush", I don't have to have everything now and getting them is part of the fun so why not take 5-10 years on a project?
I have the Thomas and Sosa if you are interested.. I believe I also have R. Johnson and I think Glavine and Smoltz not sure.. though.

I am trying to get the 2007 Bowman Chrome Auto set completed.. I have all the big cards it is just the little autos that I can't afford to buy each one!

Let me know and good luck,
Wow, how did you get autos of all the biggest stars from that time? There has to be some good stories there. Also is not the set your doing of certified autos? I don't have any but would be interested in finding out how much in BV you'd need in cert autos for some of the bigger names exp Thomas and Sosa from your list.
They are not autographed.. I thought you we're doing TTMs. I wish they were auto'd!!:eek:

No, dang. I was worried about people not understanding that and debated putting it in the general need section but then I feared it would have been even more confusing.
Baker, Dusty 1985 Fleer
Gallego, Mike 1988 Topps
Griffin, Alfredo 1988 Score
Gross, Wayne 1981 Fleer
McKay, Dave 1983 Donruss
Petagine, Roberto Index Card
Phillips, Tony 1986 Donruss
Steinbach, Terry 1984 Pinnicle
Most are shown here
Any of these would be fine with me, go ahead and post it up.

Gallego, Mike 1988 Topps
Gross, Wayne 1981 Fleer
Petagine, Roberto Index Card
Phillips, Tony 1986 Donruss

Thanks - Chris
Ed, good luck with the set, I have a S. Dunston coming in a trade , if you still need it I'm looking for Phils. I lyk when it arrives, Bill
If that Tony Phillips is still available, I'd be interested. I don't have any Leafs for you, but perhaps I can send something else off my list?