STOLE this one HOME! now off to bobby for a dual!

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
sent letter and photo and money heard he charges and took a shot at a free one. also asked to inscribe HOF 73 on it! sweet! off to bobby thompson for a dual auto! took little over 5 weeks
That's pretty darn sweet! That's Irvin's steal of home in the '51 World Series, and he considers that to be the biggest moment of his playing career. By all means get Thompson on it, as well! I think that's Yogi behind the plate. He will cost you, though.
Congrats!! I am about to send to Irvin and was wondering what Address you used? I have two different apt numbers and just wondering what you used? Congrats again
Wow, nice. I tried sending Irvin a questionnaire w/ an sase (and no fee) and received it back incomplete w/ a price guide. I am planning on trying him again, this time with a fee though of course.