Successes and a trade during my vacation


5.00 star(s)
Received several cards signed through a tradre with Rangersfan

Antonio Alfonseca
Brad Komminsk
Kenny Walker
Mark Knudson
Randy Knorr
Rico Brogna

He also included Daryl Moor from the Mississippi Surge inaugral hockey season

Thanks Andrew

Also received these:

89 Topps - Pat Perry, Jim Clancy, Atlee Hammaker, Jim Leyland, Barry Lyons

90 Upper Deck- Atlee Hammaker, Barry Lyons

Sent 2 cards to Reggie Miller via TNT. Received them both signed.

Last success - 10' A&G Nick Jacoby

Received a return from Jim Taylor football super Bowl Hero but he is asking $40 for his sig.

not a bad post Christmas mail! :

For trade: 1 of the Reggie Millers, 1 of the Barry Lyons

If you need addresses, let me know.