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Mar 23, 2004
Went and did the Suns. For being the only one there I did not do as well as I had liked. Did get 2 set cards done though.

First the turn downs...

Robin Lopez said "I'm not who you think I am" I said then "Who are you?" He replied "The other brother" I said "Your joking, right? I know who you are you are Robin" He said "No, I am Brook, the other brother". Wish I had replied "I wish you were Brook since he is a much better player"

Grant Hill waved his arms at me

Steve Nash smiled and waved

Anyone else I didn't get didn't sign but those were the best.

Did end up with:
Leandro Barbosa 1 set card
Earl Clark 3 cards
Jason Richardson 1 card
Amare Stoudamire 1 set card
I'm surprised that Nash didn't stop, he's a really great guy and used to sign for everyone when he was with Dallas in the Reunion Arena days. Congrats on the guys that did stop.