SuTaSu ::: Legend of the Star Parts


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Hi Everyone....glad to be part of this community, have been a card collector for a long time, so I tried my hand at creating our own is the result....

SuTaSu is a collectable card game started by a father and son in 2020. Our goal was to create a wacky, yet relatable, collectable card series for game enthusiasts of all ages.
As you collect the various monsters, you will discover, that some monsters have special allies and enemies that will either protect or destroy your own monsters.

Currently, we sell to the US and Canada.



Pricing represented in this picture may vary for in-store purchases.

There are 80 cards to collect in this series! Series II should be out after Christmas :)

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We offer packs or boxes. Boxes come with 20 packs.
Have any questions? Just shoot me a message.

Lenny Vineham
SuTaSu Cards