Sweet Success Today!

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys,
I'm not really one for politics but the success that I got back today was really cool none-the-less.

Senator John McCain 2/2 c/o US Senate in 36 days (he sent everything back in his own envelope and added a nice signed letter to me as well)


Lol. I never thought he'd sign the UD with Obama on it too but he did.


Thanx for looking! Arron
Do you guys think these may be autopen? They look identical. Even the placement and angle of the autograph look to be the same.

Nice success and thanks for sharing.
Congrats! Man, those autos look almost exact.

They are done with different pens, but the pattern seems to be identical on the scans. Look at the pressure points on the end of the characters in each signature. Do they tail naturally, or do they end with a thick dot. If so then this is an autopen. It's used quite a bit in DC.