Team Collectors: get your new faces in your new places


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I got quite a bit to move, but I thought I'd focus this on the "new faces in new places" with the offseason/new year fresh in everyone's mind. There is plenty of other items to look at, and I do have a few minor things not added yet but will very soon. I'll pick up anything I find interesting, especially if its something that I've had for long enough. Some things that come to mind that I'm looking for:

Albert Pujols GU bat (also looking to upgrade my Mathews, McCovey, Griffey Jr., and a cheaper Foxx)
Miguel Cabrera Topps Traded RC and Tigers pictured AU
2005 Topps Update All-Star Stitches or other ASG related GU (been thinking about putting it together)
RC's of HOFers/star players as my opinion is on them

Andrew Miller & Jared Burton: signed with the New York Yankees

Max Scherzer: signed with the Washington Nationals

Brennan Boesch: signed with the Cincinnati Reds

Ike Davis: traded to the Oakland Athletics

Jason Heyward: traded to the St. Louis Cardinals

Rick Porcello: traded to the Boston Red Sox

Jimmy Rollins: traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers

Rickie Weeks: signed with the Seattle Mariners

Geovany Soto: signed with the Chicago White Sox

(If anyone is interested in short prints/inserts, I have a large word document full of them so send your player, team, or set lists)
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