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Team Sets to Keep OR.............

Lyrical Kees

I have been wondering about this for sometime and can hope some of the more seasoned collectors might have an answer to this. I have been collecting team sets of Red Sox off and on for say 15yrs. I got back into collecting after we won the 04 WS Series after 86yrs drought.

I am wondering is it better to trade off the whole team set or break it up so others can get what they need to fill their own stuff? Same w sets I have a few sets such as 07 Upper Deck Masterpieces, which I just recently decided to break apart. I HATE breaking up sets after I have completed them to for fill someone's desires. I find as more time goes by it gets harder and harder to fill some sets:( . Another example comes to mind is I had a complete 92 Fleer but some years back I broke it apart, NEVER AGAIN! Once I get the missing 8 cards I am done w this set, but again is it better to trad/sell singles or sets?

I know there is MORE value in a complete set of cards, i.e. 600 card bb set for example. I have been offered a Chrome FY AU RC for a team set. But I hardly think it's worth it to get at this point as the player NEVER made it big, only MiLB.

Thanks Amy