Terry Pendelton finally read his mail....

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Mar 25, 2008
Saint Louis
Sent these out on various dates over the past couple of years.. first one went out 1/28/2008, the second one went out 7/2/2009 and last this spring training on 2/17/2010... maybe he just got sick of seeing my handwriting in his mail bag.. haha.. they all showed up friday this past week in seperate envelopes.. glad to finally get him knocked out on my 87 topps signed set.

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I guess "Pen"dleton finally starting writing his name. Good job x3!

P.S.: I got a 87 Topps Traded Chuck Crim sitting in my stack for him to sign this season, hopefully he signs as you get first dibs on it if he does. ;)
Always very rewarding to see these types of TTMs come back!

I bet he had a large plastic tub of Fan Mail and he decided to plow through them all at once. Could've even had some help and not really looked at the letters. Never know.
Great pickups. Late returns like these give me hope thhat I will hear back fromones I sent out
I got him twice this year too, once c/o ST this year and I guess once last baseball season c/o Braves. He must have known he'd be bored and came prepared.