The best score//an early Birthday Present

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May 24, 2010
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ok here is the story..I was out for a drive with my one year old daughter today..And i saw a yard sale sign and saw some kid toys so i got out and it was an older lady sell things told me she was cleaning up but if i saw something to just take it because she was going to put everything that was left to the street ..So i got a few toys and she told me she had a few yankees cards in a box that someone was going to buy but never came back for..It was a card board box pretty big had just some late 80's topps on the topps so i told her let me atleast give you something for everythng so I gave her $10 for the toys and the box of cards..Did not think anything of it..Thought maybe i could find a few Yankees to send out ttm with...I just started going through the box and I found some crazy stuff..this is some of it..

Nice pick up!! I know the mantle goes for 100.00 and the Clemente for 50.00. Not sure about the others.