THE DOORS awsome pics and a funny (pissed me off) story

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
ok so the contest i found out was a meet and greet too! so i was stoked! so we got there stood in line to get in the club. doors opened went to the "spot" for the meet and greet. first ones there so cool! waitied for hour and a half! they said come on in. there was 50 people in line for the meet and greet. some were radio winners but ALOT paid for the meet and greet....200.00 a ticket! wow! glad i didnt pay 400.00 for my friend and i (u will see later on why!) so i walk in and the guy comes out and says u chad? yes i am. hands me a BEAUTIFUL gibson guitar! (any details ie retail price, quality or any know how of the style would be helpful) it was sweet! the color and style! (and yes saving it for my son he is 1yrs old so has alot of time to learn! lol) go to the band and had my friend step in and i took the pic of him (great pic like always) he gets a poster thingy auto by the band than my turn i jump in for my pic (blurry as always! ugh i need to take my own pics! lol) anywho handed him the poster thingy and my guitar to auto and they did.....heres the intresting (dumbazz celebs are) some know i collect baseballs w/ celeb autos not just baseball. so i ask if they would auto a baseball and he said sure....first he grabs for a black sharpie (i dont care for them seeing the smudge the auto and not a "clean" auto) i asked no would you use this ball point? (i brought) he says you want me to use that pen? like i asked him to pick something from the trash! i said yes please. ok he goes. next he puts the pen down on the fat round side by the MLB logo i was like no wait can u do the sweet spot here (i pointed it out) he looks at me and the other orig door guy said somethign to him and i turned to him as he autoed my guitar wanted to see it go on....i look back and i see him printing block letters.... T-O-E-B i was like toeby? what the hell i am chad.....he finshes and i get a better look at it! UGH!!!! TO EBAY thank he autoed below it! i was pissed! i dont sell these they are for my collection. I said you could of put TO CHAD i didnt care but they all started laughing so than i went to the next guy robbie the orig guitarist for the doors and asked to auto above it. looks good.....but i was fuming! i mean if i was one of these people that paid 200.00 a ticket i would be flippin pissed!! than after the ride i thought about it and its kinda cool. somethign diff another odd ball for my collection and a great story to tell when someone asks me why does this one say "to ebay" LOL any who the sweet spot auto that started it all was Ray Manzarek the orig KEYBOard for The Doors....the other guy #91 of the topp 100 guitarst ever by rolinstones Robby Krieger! so was a good night even if they jacked my ball lol but a nice story to share! heres the pics
friend paul w/Ray Manzarek on the left and Robby Krieger on the right

me blurry

auto by robbi and ray



rey mr funny man

robby on top auto still looks good and u can read them!!
Nice Success! I'm jealous! Rubbing alcohol would take off the "To Ebay" if you wanted- I would be pretty upset about that too!
Yep, don't play the guitar. Keep up and out of the way of little hands and sunlight. Awesome successes! I actually like the ebay inscription. Sounds like Ray has an sense of humor.