The Hit Streak Contest - June 2022

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Apr 29, 2008
Back again for another year....Here we go..THE HIT STREAK CONTEST- June! It has been a couple years since I have run this contest - figured now might be a good time to break it out, as there are a lot of new members and the site is running better, so hopefully that translates to more participation. If you have any questions about how to play, let me know, but instructions below are pretty straightforward.

Basic rules- pick a player, if he gets a hit, you are good. If for whatever reason he doesn't get a hit that day, you will get a strike (to include a DNP or a rainout - see DH rule below for addendum). This time around, we will go with three strikes and you are out, rather than one and done. And there will be no minimum number of games needed to be played to win. Once you have selected a player, you can not choose him again. Your pick must be made prior to the FIRST GAME of the day. Pretty basic stuff. You may use a player in a doubleheader, with both games counting as "that" day's game.

Nothing new in terms of rules from last year:
1 - once you get a third strike, you are eliminated rather than one and done.

**Please edit your initial post with your picks**
**Please include the players team name with your pick** CAN NOT EMPHASIZE THIS ONE ENOUGH!!!!

Good luck - the contest officially starts on Wednesday, June 1st.

And, as promised, I have decided to take the game up a notch for the participants. Since this is a hit streak contest, time to honor the two longest on record in MLB. Anyone who goes 45 games without missing will get a Pete Rose AU card and anyone who can go 57 games will get a Joe DiMaggio card (I probably can't afford an AU card, but will get you something nice). I will carry it month to month, longest streak last year was 22 games.

**update to the streak within the streak - I have decided to make it 45 games without striking out, rather than 45 straight correct picks, that will help with the DNP's and weather related misses. And it will be carryover - for the winner of the previous month only.

To address concerns from last year - I will try and keep tabs on when picks are posted, but this is really more about the honor system.

Please start your player list with either June 1 or Game 1 - it will make it easier for me to track on a daily basis.

And as mentioned at the end of the August contest - going to try a new rule to help eliminate the dreaded DNP's. Please select a designated hitter prior to the first game to use for the entire month in the event that your player on a particular day ends up as a DNP or a weather casualty. Take note, it must be a DNP - if your player for the day shows up in the box score, the DH rule will not take affect. I hope this makes sense, please ask questions if it doesn't, and since it is the first time using it, please don't be upset if it doesn't work out perfectly - I think this helped out last year, so we will keep it in place as a permanent addition to the game. Reminder that you must have a player selected for a game to have the DH rule in effect - IE, it will not save you if you forget to make a pick that day.

More participants means more fun - let's get it back up to 20-25 a month.

Haven't figured out a prize yet, but will get something that will work.
ill pick freddie freeman for a hit and my dh will be dansby swanson

ok ill have another go at it.
june 1-freddie freeman,
2-trey turner
3-tim anderson
4-jose abreau
5-michael comforto
6-david fletcher
7-alex verdugo
8-corey seager
9-lourdes gouriel jr
10-manny machado
11-charlie blackmon
12--xander bogarts
13-david peralta
14-eloy iminez
15-jose ramirez
16-mookie betts
17-trevor story
17-kevin pillar
18-aaron judge
19-didi gregorous
20-ceaser hernandez
21-hanser alberto
22-witt merrifield
23-starling marte
24-isaih kiner-falefa
25-mickael franco
26-victor reyes
27-luke voit
28-fernando tatis jr
29-franmiel reyes
30-randal grichuk
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ill pick freddie freeman for a hit and my dh will be dansby swanson
Thanks for jumping in and being the first....

I should have shown an example of how best to list players:

June DH -- Dansby Swanson

June 1 -- Freddie Freeman
June 2 -- etc.
June 3 -- etc.
June DH --Luis Arrez

June 1 Juan Soto Nationals
June 2 Bryon Buxton Twins
June 3 Gleyber Torres Yankees
June 4 Kris Bryant Rockies
June 5 Andrew McCutchen Brewers
June 6 Aaron Judge Yankees
June 7 Nolan Arenado Cardinals
June 8 Carlos Correa Twins
June 9 Gavin Lux Dodgers
June 10 Jerrad Kelenic Mariners
June 11 Christian Yelich Brewers
June 12 Manny Machado Padres
June 13 Tim Anderson White Sox
June 14 Trevor Story Red Sox
June 15 Mookie Betts Dodgers
June 16 Gio Urshella Twins
June 17 Max Kepler Twins
June 18 Michael Brantley Astros
June 19 Vladimir Guerrero Jr
June 20 Pete Alonso Mets
June 21 Ke'Bryan Hayes Pirates
June 22 Jazz Chisholm Jr Marlins
June 23 Mike Yastrzemski Giants
June 24 Eric Hosmer Padres
June 25 Whit Merrifield Royals
June 26 Nick Solak Rangers
June 27 Patrick Wisdom Cubs
June 28 Elvis Andrus Athletics
June 29 Jose Miranda Twins
June 30 Lorenzo Cain Brewers
DH Bobby Witt Jr
June 1 Charlie Blackmon Colo
June 2 D J Lemehiu NYY
June 3 Ketel Marte Ariz
June 4 Paul Goldschmidt STL
June 5 Kyle Farmer Cin
June 6 Daulton Varsho Ariz
June 7 Jose Ramirez Cleve
June 8 Trey Mancini Balt
June 9 Austin Riley Atl
June 10 Josh Bell Wash
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DH Trea Turner LA Dodgers

June 1 Rafeal Devers Boston Red Sox HIT
June 2 Gleyber Torres New York Yankees HIT
June 3 Aaron Judge New York Yankees HIT
June 4 Paul Goldschmidt St. Louis Cardinals HIT
June 5 Brandon Drury Cincinatti Reds HIT
June 6 Ketel Marte Arizona Diamondbacks STRIKE 1
June 7 Jose Ramirez Clevland Guardians STRIKE 2
June 8 Marcus Semien Texas Rangers HIT
June 9 Ronald Acuna Jr. Atlanta Braves STRIKE 3
June 10

Thanks for the contest. It's always been a good one.
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DH Paul Goldschmidt Cardinals

June 1 Pete Alonso Mets
June 2 Luis Arrez Twins
June 3 Luis Robert

Thanks for the contest.
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June DH -- Freddie Freeman, Dodgers

June 1 -- Xander Bogaerts, Red Sox
June 2 -- Ty France, Mariners
June 3 -- Aaron Judge, Yankees
June 4 -- Mookie Betts, Dodgers
June 5 -- Paul Goldschmidt, Cardinals
June 6 -- JD Martinez, Red Sox
June 7 -- Tim Anderson, White Sox
June 8 -- Luis Arraez, Twins
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Thanks for the contest! My DH is Mike Trout Angels.
  • Game 1. Ohtani Angels.
  • Game 2. Aaron Judge Yankees.
  • Game 3. Manny Machado Padres Hit
  • Game 4. Bryan Buxton Twins
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The first day of the contest is in the books - 7 members currently entered. Still time to get entered with only a strike penalty - first pitch today is at 1:10pm.

The results:

3 strikes - no one
2 strikes - no one
1 strike - kirbyfan34, dasoxfan, david k.
no strikes - bearpup, topdawg91129, anglinomics, dubby25

bearpup saved by the DH. david k. with a hard luck strike when both his hitter and DH got postponed. Good luck to everyone the rest of the way.
Day 2 is in the books - still only 7 members. Last day to jump in. First pitch is at 2:20pm.

The results:

3 strikes - no one
2 strikes - dasoxfan
1 strike - kirbyfan34, dubby25, david k.
no strikes - bearpup, topdawg91129, anglinomics

3 remain strike free.
Just saw this. Is it too late to get a pick in? I know the morning game already started. Let me know.
Day 5 is in the books - through the weekend we lost our first two participants. We still have one perfect picker.

The results:

3 strikes - dasoxfan, david k.
2 strikes - no one
1 strike - bearpup, kirbyfan34, topdawg91129, dubby25
no strikes - anglinomics

The DH rule has been most helpful to a couple of pickers!
Day 6 is in the books - didn't have to send anyone back to the dugout yesterday, but we lost the last perfect streak.

The results:

3 strikes - dasoxfan, david k.
2 strikes - bearpup, kirbyfan34
1 strike - topdawg91129, anglinomics, dubby25
no strikes - NONE

First pitch today is at 3:10pm - get those picks in if you haven't already.
Day 6 is in the books - didn't have to send anyone back to the dugout yesterday, but we lost the last perfect streak.

The results:

3 strikes - dasoxfan, david k.
2 strikes - bearpup, kirbyfan34
1 strike - topdawg91129, anglinomics, dubby25
no strikes - NONE

First pitch today is at 3:10pm - get those picks in if you haven't already.
My pick wasn't that great with the short slate of games. To top it off, the game was called after 7 innings because of rain and an unproven pitcher gave up 1 hit in 7 innings. All's fair in love and war and Katester's Hit Streak Contest.
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Day 7 is in the books - kirbyfan34 picks up his third strike. Jose Ramirez taking the collar in a doubleheader was most unexpected and hurt a couple folks.

The results:

3 strikes - dasoxfan, david k., kirbyfan34
2 strikes - bearpup, topdawg91129, anglinomics, dubby25
1 strike - NONE
no strikes - NONE

First pitch today is at 12:35pm - get those picks in if you haven't already.

In the event that everyone gets a strike today, the contest will continue sudden death style. If you miss in sudden death, you are out and remaining players continue until only one remains.