The RARE auto...probley will never see one again! DODGER/MET fans CY YOUNG


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well maybe you will but this is a unique item. seeing we are having a Q & A w/ him this month though id share this one before i send it off to PSA.... the IRON MIKE.... mike marshall! what makes this one sooooooo rare (besides he dosent auto nothing lol) its playing days auto! no "Dr." before it and it is readable LOL! picked this up from a guy selling his HOF auto collection. had everything from ruth, clemente, hornsby and others. snatched this rare one up. dont know what i am going to do w/ it poss trade or sell.


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don't forget Expos fans!

He's one that will be tough for me to add to the Expos collection. Good job snagging one!


That is one cool pick up! Yes, Pilots fans would love to have that one, as would Expos fans, Dodgers fans, Tigers fans, Twins fans, and don't forget...Marshall was also with the Astros for a brief time in 1970....